Please read carefully before proceeding

Thank you for using Data Management Technology for all your data and management needs. You are about to be provided data to help you better use the greatest piece of technology on the face of the earth, the most advanced piece of technology on the face of the earth, and maybe the only thing you will ever get for free.

Your very own mind.

You are about to enter a world of novel technology. This technology has been used by ancient peoples for as long as time can remember for connecting their souls to the equivalent of the human supercomputer, oversoul, collective unconscious, God, gods, Brahma, Jehovah, Allah, The Transcendental Object at the End of Time, your True Self, Nirvana, and countless other labels for that which cannot be spoken of with complete accuracy. This technology is that akin to most of technology of modern times. It has potential for great danger, yet if handled properly, can be used for such great expansion, evolution, communication, and data exchange that it cannot possibly be ignored.

"I, most eager data processor, agree to enter this database under the penalty of looking stupid when I end up dead and/or insane from misusing this technology, or from using this technology without the proper management, which is readily available in this database and many others. I also agree that if I meet one of these ends of my own devices, I will not ignorantly blame it on the technology I used, but rather on myself, the processor which manipulated the technology carelessly and/or thoughtlessly."
read: I would not blame the car, I would blame the driver

I agree with the above statement and I am not scared of the future or
any potentially dark areas
of myself that I have yet
to uncover or that I have
intentionally yet subconsiously hidden from
in the past
I am not willing to be responsible for my own actions or I am too scared to trust myself with such powerful technology