Do we “trip” naturally?  Have we the chemicals in our
brains already necessary for a psychedelic/spiritual
experience?  A yogi meditates and learns how to control the
workings of his inner body so that he can understand and/or
control the outside world.  A hippie takes acid and suddenly
understands the outside world, and on occasion experiences
the siddhi powers yogis strive so hard for.  Are these
experiences intrinsically the same, simply triggered by a
different catalyst?  “A psychedelic experience is a journey
to new realms of consciousness,”1 as explained by Tim Leary.
“And universal consciousness, luminous and omnipresent,
radiates in his heart: in this way he attains brahman,”2 as
explained by the Upanishads.  Doesn’t sound too different,
does it?


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