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Bear in mind that I don't have the references in front of me, otherwise
I'd quote them to you. Also, I'm not a doctor, and I don't give medical
advice. However, I am pretty confident in this information -- all of
this is probably in the current version of the FAQ, and then some. Read
the FAQ, and possibly pick up some of the books mentioned in there, and
you should have what you need.

In article, (Sean Casey) writes:
> (Mike Winter) writes:
>>|a.  Are there any serious ones?

There are side effects, but not serious ones. There is muscle cramping
(which a friend of mine called `the clenchies') -- where your muscles
feel like they want to clench up. Not a convulsion or anything -- it's
not involuntary as such; you can concentrate on not clenching, and your
limbs will obey.  My understanding is that in later trips, this is not
as much of a problem, but I don't know for sure.

Often people will claim that it's because the LSD is adulterated with
speed or strychnine or whatever.  However, the clenchies are a direct
result of the LSD itself. There is no evidence of any adulteration in
any samples of LSD that have been taken off the street and analyzed in
a laboratory.

My friend also told me that having caffeine within 12 hours before
tripping also seems to increase the clenching effect, so he avoids
coffee for a couple of days before he trips.

There is always the possibility of a bad trip (getting overwhelmed by
your own fears, projecting those thoughts onto other people, feeling
paranoid). However, there are ways to minimize this possibility -- note
a lot of discussion on the net about SET (mindset going into the trip;
try to have a positive mindset going in) and SETTING (the environment
you're in; make sure you're around people you trust, in a safe and
comfortable environment).

A lot of people talk about `flashbacks' developing as a result of an
LSD trip. Flashbacks happen to people when they have experienced a
particularly intense emotional event. Some time after the trip, the
person might have a vivid memory of some part of the trip (a
realization, a very strong emotional feeling, etc.) 

The fact is that LSD does bring out powerful emotions in people
(Richard Lawrence Miller put it well when he said that LSD `breaks down
barriers'). My friend has experienced flashbacks, and he tells me that
they are not psychotic episodes or anything weird -- just a very strong
memory of an event or feeling.

>|b.  Is braind damage possible as a result of LSd use?
>No. If you take 100,000 times normal dose, you could die, and then
>massive brain damage will result.
>LSD on blotter is probably the safest illegal drug you could take.

One thing I did read (I think from _Licit and Illicit Drugs_ by Brecher
et al) is that in a *very few* cases involving latent psychotics
(people predisposed to schizophrenia), an LSD trip helped activate the
latent psychosis. So if you're not a latent schizophrenic, you probably
have nothing to worry about.

It is not addictive (according to the literature). My friend generally
trips no more than once a year -- he says that the experience is
intense enough that he would be overwhelmed if he did it more often.
To each their own, I imagine.

Only those symptoms I mentioned above are what I've been able to come
up with, and I've read a fair amount of literature on it. (I got
worried about it several years ago after a friend started tripping. I
stopped worrying after I had read the literature.)

>Many people report psychological changes for
>the better; not as a direct result of the drug, but rather due to
>insights and perspectives gained during the trip.

Agreed. My friend reports the same thing.

>I don't condone irresponsible drug use. Get the FAQ, read about it,
>and make an informed decision before you take anything.

I agree, in a very big way.

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