þárotherhood of Gíds and âetardsþ
                      "Beginners Guide To Dealing Drugs"
                               Dr. Bushwacker

Everyone  knows that  drug  dealing  is  the  most profitable business in
America today.  And if you do it correctly,  it  could  ultimatly lead to
success in further  time  to  come. All you really need to begin is about
ten dollars.

Marijuana (easiest to get started with):

Go to  your  local pusher,  buy a dime bag of some nice weed.  Sell it to
some loser for about $15.  Now buy  one more dime bag and repeat what was
stated above.  After that,  now you got enough for 2 dime bags.  The more
you buy/sell,  the  more profit you will make.  I  would  estimate in the
average suburban area, like I live in,  you'll be up to, or above a pound
within about 4-5 weeks. It IS that easy!  You won't beleive how fast that
shit sells!

Then of course you will have to lower your  prices because of competition
from other pushers,  or  loss of customers.  But that should be expected,
this is America!

Then again,  most  bags  of pot have a mess of seeds in it,  and in a few
short weeks,  you'll be selling your own and making almost DOUBLE profit!

Cocaine (most profitable):

Well, the most profitable way to sell cocaine is by cooking it into crack
and adding alot of baking soda, but not too much or you  won't  have your
customer coming back. Just buy yourself a 20 bag of coke, cook it up (ask
your local pusher how, or just wait until I write a text file on how to).
And you can easily get about $30 (or $40 of REALLY weak shit).

The other way to sell that is basically  follow the same technique as you
use for Marijuana.

But the drawback on this, is that the cops will hunt  you  down more than
if you were just selling pot.

                                                          Dr. Bushwacker