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In article <> (Marc A. Runkel) writes:
>In article <> writes:
>>In article, (David J Vinas) writes:
>>>This brings up a couple of questions.  I am familiar with the story of
>>>the synthesis of LSD, but does anyone know exactly how he discovered
>>>the effects?  I mean, knowing the relative concentration of the
>>>chemical, how could he have ingested it, even accidentally (by touch),
>>>without taking too much?!?
>>He had no idea how much he was taking he simply took a guess as to its
>Actually, he ingested LSD through his fingertips while he was working on
>another chemical.  See "LSD:My Problem Child" by Albert Hofman (sp?)
>The book is available via anonymous FTP, but I don't remember where. Check
>the FAQ.
>However, the first time he "tested" it by intentionally ingesting it, he
>took too much - 0.25mg.  This was "the smallest quantity that could be
>expected to produce some effect, considering the activity of the ergot 
>alkaloids known at the time."
>Compare to later when W.A. Stoll was experimenting with LSD:
>"At 8 o'clock I took 60 mcg (0.06 milligrams) ..."
>I believe a "hit" of lsd is typically 0.01 mcg. (Please correct me if I'm
A loud Simpson "Dooooooh!"

Here's the real info:

			Delysid (LSD 25)
		D-lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate

Sugar-coated tablets containing 0.025 mg. (25 mcg) Ampoules of 1 ml.
containing 0.1 mg (100 mcg) for oral administration.
	The solution may also be inject s.c. or i.v. The effect is identical
with that of oral administration but sets in more rapidly.


The administration of very small doses of Delysid (.5-2 mcg / kg body weight)
results in transitory disturbances of affect, hallucinations, 
depersonalization, relieving of repressed memories, and mild neurovegetative
symptoms.  The effect sets in after 30 to 90 minutes and generally last 5 to
12 hours.  However, intermittent disturbances of affect may occasionally 
persist for several days.

		Method of Administration

	For oral administration the contents of 1 ampoule of Delysid are
diluted with distilled water, a 1% solution of tartaric acid or halogen-free
tap water. 
	The absorption of the solution is somewhat more rapid and more
constant that that of tablets.
	Ampoules which have not been opened, which have been protected
against light and stored in a cool place are stable for an unlimited period.
Ampoules which have been opened or diluted solutions retain their 
effectiveness for 1 to 2 days, if stored in a refrigerator.

		Indications and Dosage

a)	Analytical psychotherapy, to elicit release of repressed material
and provide mental relaxation, particularly in anxiet states and obsessional
The initial dose is 25 mcg (.25 of an ampoule of 1 tablet).  This does is 
increased at each treatment of 25 mcg until the optimum dose (usually
between 50 and 200 mcg) is found.  The individual treatments are best given
at intervals of one week.

b)	Experimental studies on the nature of psychoses: By taking Delysid
himself, the pyschiatrist is able to gain an insight into the world of
ideas and sensations of mental patients.  Delysid can also be used
to induce model psychoses of short duration in normal subjects, thus
facilitating studies on the pathogenesis of mental disease.
In normal subjects, doses of 25 to 75 mcg are generally sufficient to
produce a halluncinatory psychosis (on an average 1 mcg/kg body weight).
In certain forms of psychosis and in chronic alcoholism, higher doese are
necessary (2 to 4 mcg/kg body weight).

That's from a Sandoz prospectus.

Sorry about the misinformation earlier. I got confused.

So, to summarize, the first "dosing" was about 25 "reccommended" doses.
A typical street hit is about 60 to 70% of a "reccommended" dose.

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