the Divine Seduces his Love
			 the Leviathan Summons his Demons

 come taste my fruit and you will see
 your world melt into fantasy
 for when you on this trip embark
 your shards of truth turn watermark 

          i ate your fruit and now i see
          your disillusioned fantasy
          how soon your folly comes to be 
          shipwrecked on insanity 

 to to highest mountaintop we'll run
 lift up our hands and touch the sun
 to kneel before her timeless power  
 escape your world where shadows cower 

           i climbed atop that mountain high
           to take communion with the sky
           but solar storms swept through my mind
           and stole my eyes... and made me blind 

 and when your thoughts begin to trail 
 your mind becomes your soulful sail
 to navigate the boundary
 that once contained infinity 

	   i'm festering in lunacy
	   is this the way i'll always be?
           stranded on that stormy sea
           a nightmare my reality 

 to gaze through opalescent eyes 
 when irridescent dragonflies
 become your visionary guide
 come taste of me and be my bride 

            if i smashed your opal eyes
            would i see through your disguise
            and find your pretty dragonflies
            exchanged for pretty alibies? 

 for when those doors thrown open wide
 your head inhales....exhales like tide
 breathing in the scenery
 expelling your reality 

         behind the portal you will find 
         pieces of my shattered mind
	 i sneaked a peek around your bend
	 and now i'm wishing it would end

    and when you can recall your name
    you'll find you're never quite the same
    am i the man i used to be?
    come taste my fruit and you shall see

 Stacey Leann Smith                
 Febuary 12, 1992

A cryptic code,
For a useful tool

Is it an explosive?
Blasting apart the walls,
Laying old structures to ruin?

Or is it a solvent?
Dissolving away the tarnish,
To reveal the hidden splendor.

Is it too powerful?
Such only to be feared,
Controlled, and hidden.

Or can it bring change?
New paths to travel,
New labyrinths to explore.

Is it too much to ask?
To face the horrors,
Of our own minds?

-megazone, Inspired by a news thread and reflection, 2/15/93
may i have this dream?

run away with me
far away
only you can chose
to lay aside equations
your heavy volumes of fact
these tasks can wait
let me take you beyond
the confines of time
galaxies form in milliseconds
while the lightning's flash
measures milleniums
and this freedom 
will hurl you miles above
your prison of consciousness

follow me
i know where i'm going
let reality boil over
even your vapors of perception
escape you
come hide with me 
where your sorrows 
cannot find you

watch with me
see your fears spelled out
on chalkboards
only to find them erased
from all recall
before you could read them
as scholars compute calculus
in Crayolas
and physics in fingerpaints
where learning's a game
so easy to play
you cannot lose

come swim with me 
in oceans cyan
where light swells enormous
engulf us in energy
rivalled by the quasars
shore beckons, our eyes snare
a million tiny prisms
each a grain of sand
spawning colors we could never
even imagine
painting our thoughts
with spectrums supernatural

come climb with me
to the heights of existence...
realm of dreams
jailbreak from the life-sentence
flesh rules
with rocks of glass
your body's custodian
reach with me
where only thoughts 
can go

be with me
close your eyes and see...
darkness choreographs
a thousand dancing lasers
to symphonies orchestrated
by silence

don't say a word
even speech transcends
its fortress of sound
stripped of wavelength,
words are optional
when thoughts speak

return with me
i hear your world 
calling you
back to those you love
who love you
so i leave you
but not completely
taking with me
your troubling thoughts
to fling them out 
where thoughts are barred
but when struggle
returns your burdens
come fly with me
escape your weary body
where thoughts soar
come dream with me 
when you need my dreams to free you
search for me
and you will find me waiting...
waiting in your dreams
Roll ,roll ,roll a joint
twist it at the end
have a puff until
ya stuffed then pass
it to a friend.
(sang to the tune of row the boat)
red bluff calling, the sky is falling
in lightning bolts, precipitate stars
this is the land of rattlesnake drum
coyote song and cactus shades
we were four in the daylight
but we share one soul this trembling night
huddled under the meteor shower
riding on the borrowed power
we found here
in this sacred land
sifting through each of our deaths in the sand
in the sand
when we lost our flesh to the trembling thunder
i couldn't help but wonder...