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Excerpts from netnews.alt.drugs: 14-Aug-93 LSD & Sleep by Dave 

> I am a little curious, is there anyone that has ever been able to fall
> asleep before the effects of LSD kick in? Has anyone has any "interesting"
> dreams with -any- psychoactive substance? (I know that Thorzine (sp?) is the
> shits while awake but when asleep the dreams are unlike any others). I Have
> heard that people who have smoked marijuana for a long time (years) and then
> quit start to dream (or remember their dreams) more....Just curious..
> (Dave)

Yes...I have taken a (somewhat weak) hit once and then immediately went
to sleep. I woke up tripping, it was pretty cool to be laying in bed,
with my eyes closed, watching the little sparkly things jitter about
(though I've done enough since that I can make little sparkly things
appear at will anytime with my eyes closed). This was fun for a while,
then I heard a train go by on the tracks near my Anyways, a
while later I guess I fell back asleep, and had dream (waking vision? I
dunno) of indescribable, multi-dimensional objects floating around.
Anyways, it was an interesting experience, one I would recommend trying
with one of those weaker hits you have lying around. I've never taken
any thorazine, so no comment on that.

I've tried robitussin twice (4 oz each time), both times going to bed or
at least laying down not too long after the effects kicked in. With
music playing the visuals are indescribable again, very similar to the
one-hit-of-LSD-then-go-to-sleep experience. With no music the visuals
were less intense and I had weird dreams when I finally fell asleep.

I think I have noticed the effect that after using mj for a while then
stopping I have more vivid dreams, or at least I remember dreams better.

well, it's bedtime... goodnight :-)

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