1.  never sit there wondering if the way you felt last time is ever
going to get here, because by then you're already through the way it
feels to be here now.  

2.  never try to get on the computer.... seriously.  you may not
remember your apartment number, but can login like it's in your
script, but that doesn't mean its right.  example right here.  

3.  NEVER watch those stupid fuck n pups shows that come on past the
hours of goodly people, where desperate blonds fight it out for jocks
with dicks longer than their iq is high.  it'll sour you on the fate
of humanity, it really will.  example: it's 3:03 here, I've had two
hours of them, and i'd rather go commune with the grass than go talk
to my neighbor.  

4. never sit in the middle of your apartment courtyard in your
bathrobe wondering why you aren't supposed to sit out in the middle of
your apartment courtyard in your bathrobe.... 

5.  don't write stupid stuff to friends thinking they feel the same
way as you right now; chances are they don't and you'll feel funny
when they call tomorrow.... *grin*

get off the damn computer!  That's the last rule.  


"Quick to judge, quick to anger.... slow to understand. 
	       		Ignorance and prejudice, and fear, walk hand in hand."
              						--Neil Peart
-------------Me speak for my employer....?  bwaahahahahahahaha!!!--------------