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In article <26c4uf$>, (duty operator) writes:
>I'm doing some research into drugs (mostly to do with raves, amphetamines) and want people to answer a question so I can put a good side in for users,
>How can you defend the fact that drug use is not bad for you, and if you know it's not good for you then why do you do it and do you try to take it safely?


as to my experience, some drugs can indeed alter your life and the way you look
at the world and yourself. This is mainly true for MJ and hallucinogenics like
LSD. However, though these drugs may be vehicles to explore your inner self,
they are vehicles that you only can control in a certain way. Users with
serious psychological problems should consult medical help instead of using

Drugs CAN lead to

- Better selfunderstanding
- Increased and value-added social interactions
- Increased respect and awareness for others and their problems, as well as
every living thing and the whole earth
- Insight to human interactions and problems
- A lot of fun

They also can lead to

- Increased psychological defects (I wouldn't completely believe that drugs can
induce psychological defects alone. My experience is that they rather show up
and increase these defects)

- Organic problems (alcohol and tobacco)

- Addiction (alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, opiates)

- Damage to social behaviour and interaction

SO, my advice would be: "If you want to try drugs, ask yourself why. If you
want to escape something or feel the need to push the world aside, don't do it.
If you are stable and want a new experience, go with it. Enjoy the experience
and ask yourself later: "Was it worth it? And what have I learned?". If you
play it like this, you most certainly will have no problems with drugs in your
entire life. Remember, we are on this planet to learn."

Joerg Maass

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