In order to join this webring, you must be a member of the Entheogen Experiment. However, you are not automatically added because you are a part of the list. Because of the way the webring works you must still submit your site. A bit of red tape, but I think we'll make it.

p.s. you are not required to enter keywords or description, but we'd all love to hear what you have to say about your site!

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THIS CODE HAS BEEN UPDATED. REPLACE ALL "YOUR ID"s with your very own id number, which will be assigned in an email forthcoming. Here is a sample of the HTML fragment that must be inserted into your page, making the proper adjustments. The capatilized words you must replace with your own information. Please cut and paste this information onto the webpage that you specified above. Without this code, people cannot navigate through the ring!

The code will look like this on your page:

This --Entheogen Experiment-- site owned by Shiva.

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Thank Mugwump for the graphics!!!

Now, because the ring is only open to list members presently, there is no hyperlink to a "Join" page in the webring code above. But if you guys want there to be one, I will put it there. I just volunteered to be the ringmaster, but we are all equally in charge of this ring. Just let me know what you want done, and if it's agreed upon by the list, it's done! Right now I have the options set so that anyone can add a site to the queue (you just did) and anyone should be able to add a site to the ring, but that doesn't seem to be working, so I'll just add you, once you're on the queue. If you have problems getting anything done you know where to reach me. 8^)


please please please, put the code on your page!!! This ensures proper working order for the webring. Without code on your page, there is no reason to have the webring! Robert already has an index of our pages, so if you don't want to put the code on your page, please do not join the webring. I don't want to have to be negative and take anyone's page off the ring just because they don't have code, it seems like a petty thing to do. But it also seems petty to not want to put code on your page. You don't have to put the graphics, just the html that allows people to navigate through the ring.

If you intend on putting the code on your page, but cannot for a while, just let me know. That's cool, I totally understand being on a schedule and your web page not being on top of the list.


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