Want to make extra money in your spare time??

I am a real person, with a real life, and not a lot of extra time. I started doing this program to make a little extra cash and it really works. I'm not doing a get rich quick scheme. Read this page first, to have your questions answered, then if you'd like to talk to me, please:

Email me!

Here's what it requires to be an Email Processor:

  • a connection to the internet get one free here!
  • an email address get one free here or here
  • a few hours a week working on the internet

    What would you be doing?

    You would be networking and advertising and answering emails, for only a few hours a week, from your own home computer. These things are relatively simple if you have been surfing the net for even a few days. Up front I will tell you that the cost is $24.95, but this cost includes a lot of software which will help you advertise and it's business software that you can use for many other things as well. It includes Business Card Designer-Plus, Design Letterhead & Business Envelopes, INFODISK is a collection of how-to reports with full reprint rights and Many Others!! The price also gives you a webpage which holds all the information on it. Your webpage will look like this: Texas Millions You can use this webpage or create another one, if you know HTML or have a good program, just as I have done with this webpage. They give you lots of info and tips on how to make this work best for you.

    Best of all it's a Money Back Guarantee. If you do not make any money, or don't like the program, they will glady refund your $24.95.

    What kind of money will you be making?

    It really depends on how much elbow grease you put into it. If you spend 10 solid hours a week doing this, you will be making more than you would expect. If you advertise here and there you will probably only make a little. You make commissions on what you sell to people. You are selling the packages on the Texas Millions page. You make anywhere from a few bucks per sale, to ten or more. So your milage will vary. But you could be making $50 a week, to start. That's nice extra money!

    To order, please click here: ORDER

    I have been describing the position of Email Processor, specify this when ordering, unless one of the other packages appeals to you more. When you order, they may ask for your agent number. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. You don't need an agent number yet. They will assign you one once you get started.

    There are also other online jobs from home available through Texas Millions. They also seem to be respectable, good paying jobs, but I haven't done them myself so I can't vouge for them. You can check them out here: Click Here for more info on other jobs

    Email Processor Info

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