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I'm not sure exactly what to write. When i designed this webpage, I had first come to psychedelics. They opened many doors and showed me many things I might not have seen otherwise, or would have taken a long time to come to. For that, I owe much to entheogens. As my spiritual life grows, I can tell that psychedelics were the beginning, but they will not bring you to the "end," although they certainly may be involved in the process. I wish I knew more so I could say more, but really I feel at a loss. I just have ideas about the way things are, like everyone else. I am tempted to take down this whole page, because I feel like maybe it is only encouraging people to use drugs to excessively and to escape, not only using the classic psychedelics, but also more easily obtained Corisidin (sp?) and Robitussin. I strongly recommend using these things in moderation, as all other psychedelics. You are tapping into some very serious shit. Like the rest of your life, it deserves full respect and careful consideration. And certainly plenty of research. If you think something is going to give you ulcers or make your eyes bleed, why use it? Or why not take it upon yourself to find out the real story? I suspect that these things are not true of Corisidin, as the rumor that LSD damaged your chromosomes was also not true.

My recommendation: be a dork until you get out of high school. Once you do get out of high school, you'll realize it was all a sham in the first place. Once you're out of your parent's house, grow mushrooms, not for sale, but for the personal use of yourself and a few close friends. This way you won't have to worry about dealing in the black market for drugs, you won't have to worry about the purity of your product, or the availability of it. It will be worth the wait. I doubt anyone will agree to be a dork until getting out of high school. Most people couldn't stand the intense lack of self worth they would feel if they didn't meet up to what they think other people's standards are. It may seem important now, but in a few years you'll be laughing at yourself. Maybe you already are.

I didn't mean for this to be a rant, or a lecture. I'm mostly responding to the great volume of offhanded, getting fucked up remarks i've found on my Guestbook. It has disheartened me. I just wish you'd all take better care of yourselves.

Love yourself.



Eat right.

Share your life with a few special friends.

(cheese, cheese, cheese, i know, but it really is TRUE)

I'm leaving this webpage here. I'm sure it's still of use to many of you. I may decide to augment it in the future. I may also make some other changes. Or maybe not.

~Shiva 2.13.2002


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