What's with all the HYPE???

True Stuff About LSD

Facts I find to be true concerning LSD

Has everyone taken this class? You know which one I'm talking about Straight Faced Lying 101. Everyone seems to do it so easily. I mean, nearly everything i've ever heard from someone else about LSD has turned out to be false. Who's spreading these rumors? Is it intentional? Or are they just too stupid? You know the people I'm talking about. The ones that walk around as if they were Albert Hoffman, the very man who brought it to the attention of the people, who, for all intents and purposes discovered the drug. So now that we've identified the problem {pssst! it's PROPAGANDA!!!}, we are ready to address it.

First and foremost I must say: Don't believe everything you read. The one thing I have learned in this business (what business? Life) is that you must be discriminant. You cannot simply hear someone say something and believe that it's true. Neither can you read something and believe that it's true simply because the author took the time to write it down. Most of the time, the reason they took the time to write it down is so you WOULD believe it, regardless of its actual truth. By saying this I am basically discrediting what I am writing, for why should you believe me? Well, you shouldn't. You should take what I am saying as "maybe" information, and then research it yourself There is absolutely no reason you should believe me. I am just a random person making a webpage out in cyber-land. I am a nobody. I am a resource. You should see everything as a resource, but yourself as the actual source of knowledge. You must be the one to make the final decision whether something is true or not. Read everything with a critical eye, and take anything you hear with a grain of salt. There's no one out there who knows better than you.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way (phew!) we can talk about the facts of LSD:

  • There is no strychnine in LSD. If you are taking blotter paper, there is no way possible that any harmful or affecting strychnine could fit on that tiny square of paper. Not enough to make you cough, let alone your back stiff, your stomach ache or any of the other various symptoms that come with taking blotter paper these days.

  • You are not legally insane after taking six hits of acid. Now, I don't know how widespread this rumor is, but I've heard it enough to validate posting it here. I've taking way more than six hits in my life, and I'm sure there are plenty of trippers out there that can attest to this, and I'm not insane. However if you or anyone in your family is predisposed to psychological disorders, it can manifest those disorders. If anything, LSD makes you "more" yourself (though those who are unhappy with themselves will deny this) and if you happen to be crazy, yes, LSD will make you more crazy. LSD works with a chemical in the brain called Seratonin and if your chemicals are already messed up, I can't imagine more chemicals helping.

  • LSD does not mess with your chromosomes. Not in the amount that you ingest when tripping. The studies they did were of some cells in a petri dish and the ratios were not proportional to a human body weight and the effective amount of LSD for that weight. It was a gross exaggeration and the study was useless in real life context.

  • Orange juice doesn't make you trip harder. I'm sorry. I know a lot people genuinely believe this, but I just have not found it to be true. Just because it has citric acid in it doesn't mean it makes the acid you're taking any better. True story: I was tripping with some friends who swore this was true. In order to disprove them, I drank a huge glass of orange juice and took several Vitamin C pills on top of it. I experienced no different trip, not better, not worse. Maybe I'm just an anomaly. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Orange juice tastes great when tripping though.... This page is constantly being updated. Have questions? Want to correct me?