Believe in nothing. Choose Everything. Have no limits.

[These are some thoughts I have been working on lately.]

Nothing is absolute except for the absence of absoluteness.
(quote skanked from MuSHaMaN)

Hmmm.....What does all this mean? Belief is cultural furniture. All belief can do is limit your life. Is the man standing before you God? Is he the only God? Did a certain number of gods come before him? Is this a set number? Will a certain number of gods follow him? Is this a set number? This leaves no room for your own experience!! What if you meet someone who is not supposed to be God, but sHe seems like it to your heart and your soul? Then it becomes you who cannot be trusted, and not the belief system that you previously bought into. This is ridiculous.

Even your own beliefs can limit you. Do you believe that your present state of affairs is the most premium (or most desolate) they can possible be? Do you believe this with your heart and soul? It may be true, but as you have probably already experienced one or more times, everything can change, dash your whole built up system of beliefs to the ground. You may even realize that the beliefs you previously held were obstructing your progess in whatever you hope to be progessing in. This is often the case: misconceptions, preconceptions, and conceptions in general only cloud our views of the world. When you look at a person as a man or woman, you may aften miss some glaring attribute of their personality that is usually not present in whichever gender they happen to be, just because of social programming you are practicing by viewing them as a 'man' or 'woman.'

This is not *your* fault directly. Humans are built to recognize patterns. This is why we have survived as long as we have. This is why we have climbed the evolutionary ladder of success. However, this is also why we are a warring, polluting, and generally self-destructive species. In a sense, we are like little (or big) computers marching around the surface of the earth, cataloging and labeling everything on the earth, whether or not this will destroy our object of study. This is also ridiculous.

What you believe to be true, IS TRUE, in your own subjective experience. This can be useful in many situations. But you must realize that your choice is ultimately arbitrary, and depending on your skills, another 'truth' could work just as well. Often we chose one belief system over another because it fits better with our already established belief system so we experience no inner turmoil. This is probably good for our day to day lives. But if you realize the reality behind the decisions you are making, in the future you may be able to make decisions that are much more beneficial.

This may all seem very abstract and not useful to everyday life. And that may be true. But either belief you hold about the information you have just read can only limit your experience in life. If you believe this is all garbage, you may never be able to experience any beneficial effects you may gain from practicing "non-belief."

Terence McKenna put it something like this (paraphrased): "When I speak of ideology being toxic, people claim I am only promoting another ideology. This is not the case. If I were telling people not to drive cars, would you say I was promoting a style of driving?"