Bilbiography and Credits

No, I did not pull all of this material out of my ass, nor did i create it from scratch. I had a lot of help from resources I found on the web and books I've read. Here, I have cited the ones that helped me the most. But, everyone, thanks for your contributions. Even if you didn't know you were contributing
  • Myths and Symbols In Indian Art And Civilization ed. Joseph Campbell. Princeton University Press. 1946.
  • Yoga and The Hindu Tradition by Jean Varenne, translated from the French by Derek Coltman. The University of Chicago Press. 1976
  • Ethnobotany: Evolution of a Discipline ed. by Richard Evans Schultes and Siri von Reis. Dioscorides Press. 1995
    Eric's page --Information about B.B. King is helpful in any situation.

    My online friend Alex's page.--Definitely check it out.

    ITRIS--This page may never be done, but it sure looks neat. This guy is responsible for some of the drug files I have or will come to have posted for your reading pleasure. Water, thank you always, for your conversation insight, and info on drugs. *grin*

    DeathFetsh--The web page of a great friend of mine. Some poetry with guts (and great webpage design to boot).

    An awesome webpage dedicated to the band Sublime.

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