"Revolution??? What the hell is she talking about? Why should we start a revolution? Aren't things pretty OK the way they are now? I mean, not perfect, granted, but things are working well enough...why stir up all kinds of shit, when everything could just go on being cool?"


Ok, anyone who's here probably already shares my opinions on this, so I'll probably be just rattling off your own thoughts. But it would be really great if I could start up some shit, get some inflamed responses. So here I go...
Yes, things are cool, things are decent. You're being fed, you've got a bed, clothes, why LOOK, you've even got an internet account! How great! You can access any information about anything you want. I mean, this is the information AGE, right? Everything is at our fingertips, quite literally. Ok, granted, we've got it here a lot better than people in other countries have it. With all these liberties, we shouldn't complain. I mean, they could be throwing us in jail for no reason, torturing us and frying our brains to mush. The government is all powerful. They control everything. Our intake of knowledge, our distribution of knowledge. Do you think we know anything they don't want us to know? Maybe a few key people, one of which I am glad I am not, because I'd probably be dead soon. (Wanna read some good conspiracy theory??? Tim Leary's archives--Acid Dreams, the first chapter. Also has some great stuff. You just gotta sift through everything to find it.) Confession: I don't have all my own conspiracy theory worked out. I'm not here to tie any loose ends together for you, there's plenty of people out there in cyber land who can do that for you. I am here to tell you that things are not right. Things are amiss. I want to know one thing. If anyone can answer me coherently I will gladly post your answer here, because I am dying to know how, why and by whom were drugs condemned as immoral. Does the government get to decide our morals for us? Well, they decided murder was immoral, or rather they gleaned it directly from the bible, our pure and great nation that does it's best to separate church and state. I'm not saying murder should be legal. I think it protects each and everyone of us personally by making murder illegal. However, how does it protect each and every one of us personally by making drugs illegal? The only thing hurting us is the blackmarket dealing of drugs which would be irradicated with the legalization of drugs. My main point is: who is the government to tell us what we can do with our minds??? Marijuanna smokers can be felons!!! I hope this strikes you all as crazy, as it did me. A pot smoker who sits in his house and smokes wacky tabacky, gets lazy, and smiles a lot as opposed to some robber who wants your TV and stereo, all your jewelry, and hey, why not your car keys, while he's here. These people are both considered felons in our society. Do you see any intrinsic differences in the qualities of these people? One wants to be happy and alter his consciousness, the other wants to be greedy, powerful, and disrespective of his fellow citizen's rights. I am blown away today by the way society accepts the way laws are incited. Have you heard of government propaganda? Yeah? You have?!?!?! WELL DON'T BELIEVE IT! Don't believe something just because the GOVERNMENT tells you, for chrissake. If any group would have an ulterior motive, I think it would be them. Those in control of our lives, day to day, moment to moment. Why doesn't the government want us to take drugs, may be your second question, or twentieth for all I know. Anyway, I have thought about it a little and come up with a few theories. I guess the best one is this: with drugs, who needs government? Weird huh? Ok, lemme develop it. In the 60's people took acid and saw God, saw the uselessness of the rat race we are all participating in and became hippies, renunciants, rebels. THEY STEPPED OUT OF SOCIETY. Is that what the government wants? No, they want a bunch of well trained dogs, that's why they send us to these godforsaken schools, "...If everyone took drugs, they might see how dumb and useless this whole system we've created is. By-God, then we wouldn't have CONTROL over them anymore!!!! Quick, tell them it's IMMORAL, and that'll discount the opinions of all the drug-users as well. Plus, we can throw them in jail and turn them into criminals, so everyone will look upon them with disgust and distaste..."

We're supposed to be the most free country in the world. Maybe we're just the most convinced country in the world.

Feed your head.

When they took the 4th amendment, I didn't care because I didn't deal drugs.
When they took the 6th amendment, I didn't care because I was innocent.
When they took the 2nd amendment, I didn't care because I didn't own a gun.
Now they've taken the first amendment, and I can say nothing about it.
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