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For those not interested in Coricidin or DXM info, scroll down.

Ok, so you are taking Coricidin. That's what everyone is writing in my guestbook. So, why not cater to the masses? If that's what you're taking I might as well provide information on that. First of all, Coricidin has an antihistimine in it that is dangerous in high doses, IE more than 10 pills, and from what i read, you're always taking more than ten pills. So Coricidin is a bad choice, even though by now it's probably the "cool" one to take. You have two other choices: Drixol is a pill that has a version which has only DXM, the only thing you want in your system. DXM, or dextromethorphan, is the active ingredient which makes you trip when you take Coricidin. Robotussin and other generics also have this ingredient alone. Taking a whole bottle of cough syrup isn't that fun, but you could get used to it. Supposedly "Drixol Cough Liquid Caps" are the right ones, and sometimes they can be difficult to locate. But believe me, it's worth it.

DXM is a dissociative, of the likes of PCP and ketamine. At low doses it is not like these things at all, but at high doses, it has some similarities, although it is still quite different. At high doses it can dissociate you from your body, make you feel like you're not breathing, or your heart's not beating, among other things, because you are dissociated from these feelings. I speculate that this is why it works as a cough suppresant at low doses. It dissociates you from the itch in your throat and you no longer feel the need to cough. The itch doesn't bother you. Anyway, your heart or breathing doesn't actually stop, but it feels like it. You may find this very unpleasant, or if you're aware of it ahead of time, it may not both you at all.

Best DXM FAQ, in my opinion


General DMX FAQ

a quote from the above link: "Again, remember that the antihistamine in these tablets will change the character of the DXM trip (not necessarily in a good way), potentially increasing the degree confusion. Do not use this product except at first and second plateau dosage! An overdose of antihistamine, while not typically fatal, can be extremely unpleasant and has been reported to be a frequent cause of "bad trips" from Coricidin. Most DXM users have recommended not taking more than eight Coricidin tablets; some say not to use this product at all."

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Now I know I've got your attention. For awhile I didn't know if anyone was listening out there, but low and behold, here you are, reading these words, ready for an influx of information. Something is happening out there. People are beginning to use psychedelics as a real tool in their lives. They see that the insights gained while tripping can be used in real life for effective and better living. It's true! We are taking our lives into our own hands.

If you are one of those people who feels this way, but thinks you're the only one, YOU'RE NOT. There are other people other there. Get online and get connected. Go to my links and find the message boards, the mailing lists, the hoards of people out there like us who just happened to be scattered too far throughout the globe for you to notice. There IS life out there and it's right under your nose!

Psychedelics are tools like everything else on this planet. If we can learn to live in harmony with them, we can reach great heights. We are humans, tool using creatures, like others on this planet, and we intend to further our minds in any way possible. Don't let them control your mind, if it's the only thing you do.

All of the information on this site is here to help you do that. So further your mind and think for yourself and get to reading!

Early Hinduism worshipped a God called King Soma, which was actually a hallucinogenic plant. They used this plant for sacrifices and as a sacrament to reach their own union with God. Many other cultures have done this too. Don't let them tell you it's bad! It's natural, and it's been around for way longer than we have!

Hinduism is great. God is everything and everyone. Love them as such and treat them that way. Tantra is also the way to go. Everything you do can be used as a catalyst to reach God. Good and bad are relative terms and the value of anything is determined by how much you can learn from it and how much closer it can get you to nature/god/universe/unity.

"There is as much faith in your little finger right now as there is in all of India." -- Ram Dass

what a thought...


Eastern Spirituality

The life of an ascetic The eight stages of yoga. Buddhism and Psychedelics Articles from "Tricycle, The Buddhist Review
The Cosmic Couple Shiva and Parvathi with their son Ganesha Hallucinogenics in Eastern Spirituality
A paper I wrote
Nataraja Hindu mythology and symbolism regarding Shiva as Nataraja, The Lord of Dance Psychedelics--how they are relevant to Eastern (or any) Spirituality
The Goddess in me is the Goddess in you. Get in touch with your feminine side. Detailed explanations of the chakras, their symbolism and verses from the Upanishads that pertain to them. Pictures too!

Nature of Reality

A Great way to feel at all times. Warning: intesive graphics Nature of Reality My comments on the aforementioned
The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley Exerpts from Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass
Belief Take the nature of reality one step further


Facts I have found to be true about LSD Myth or Monstrosity? The Real Deal on the strychnine myth.
WATER Thanks to my friend Water, here is a large and getting larger database of files offering great information on every drug imaginable. Wondering who should do LSD? Well, even if not, you should still read this.
Psychedelics and Mysticism A paper connecting psychedelic use with mystical experiences. Intoxication Archives Trip reports, ramblings, and revelations while inebriated. I'm not exactly proud of everything i've written here, but oh well....
Datura used in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Hofmann, his involvement in the psychedelic movement, the discovery of LSD, Wasson, Mexico, Psilocybin, and morning glories. This is how it all went down....
Psychedelic YogaThe application of traditional Yoga meditation techniques while under psychedelic experiences

Links and Others

Revolution A little rant on revolution/conspiracy/blah...well, you know. This is what I am here to tell you
Links relevant to the topics discussed here Bibliography References and links unrelated to the subject matter
Disclaimer Do I really need this? Mission Statement 'nuf said.
The Didgeridoo--a musical instrument that changed my life

Now that you've exhausted all the above resources, you may now feel free to discuss your views with your fellow web surfers on the Message Board here specifically for that purpose. Exchange dogmas, and rumors to your hearts content.


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