Mission Statement

Or: "What The Fuck This Page Is Doing Here In The First Place, Inc."

If anyone wants to know why I study religion, or eschatology, or psychedelics or anything like that, here is your answer:

Look around, you see people getting jobs, going to work, providing for their families, and so on and so on. They're making money in order to make themselves and their loved ones more confortable. That's fine, that's commendable. However, in light of our lack of knowledge of ANYTHING, I think it's fairly pointless, and groundless. We don't know the simplest of facts such as how we came to be here, (does anyone actually remember how we got here?), or why we're here. Who would tell us anyway? Ain't no one out here but us humans! [camera shot pans up from a house in middle america, up, up, up, you see the whole city, the whole continent, the whole world, the solar system, the galaxy, the group of galaxies, ad infinitum until you see The Whole Thing]

What does what you're doing (yes, what you personally are doing with your life) have anything to do with all this cosmic junk?!?! I'm not saying what anyone is doing is unimportant. I am saying that I think the most important questions are the ones that are unanswered, and it just so happens that the unanswered questions are some real basic facts we seemed to have skipped over. It's like we've been shoved, blindfolded, into a deep hole with a ladder beside us. Instead of using the ladder to climb out, we find rocks in the dirt, use them to break the ladder into pieces, arrange them around us in 'pretty' patterns, use the wood to build fires, and start eating earthworms and shitting in the corner. If we saw someone doing this we'd be amazed. But if the blindfolded person had never seen a ladder before, he/she might do just that. And another person who had never seen a ladder would commend the first one for what he had done.

We're new to this place. We've never seen it before. The human race is native to earth, but it is foreign (as far as we know) in this universe. We don't know what's going on, we don't know why we're here, and we don't know how we got here. If we had these basic facts in place, we may be able to do some constructive work. However, by overlooking and IGNORING these facts, we certainly can't be helping ourselves.

So I'm trying to find these things out. But these questions are unanswered because we are somehow blinded. We can't see anything before we were here, and we are limited in what we can see that is here. Because of this, I can't believe that normal procedures can be used to understand the answers to these questions. Strange and foreign techniques may have to be employed, included psychedelics, meditation, intuitive learning, and so on and so forth. Anything you can think of that they don't teach you in school can probably be used in a positive manner towards these ends.

So what are you waiting for? Do it.