What's Shiva Got To Do With This???

me talking for awhile

Why am I starting a Psychedelia page with a Hindu God named Shiva???
Good question. First of all I am a little more than obsessed with 
Shiva, but there is some relevancy here. Shiva is the god of yoga,
and yoga and psychedelics are more closely related than you might 
think.  When psychedelics first came into use in the 60’s, the big 
thing was that they broadened your spirituality, they helped you see 
god.  Well, this was unacceptable for the government and so psychedelics 
became illegal, but don’t take my word for it, study the archives in 
Tim Leary’s Homepage.  Anyway, people were quickly finding out that 
when using psychedelics, they had great spiritual realizations.  
Richard Alpert (author of Be Here Now) changed his name to Baba Ram 
Dass and took up yoga after his psychedelic experiences led him to 
personal and spiritual realizations.  I feel that psychedelics should
be used in this context, rather than any sort of “escape,” because if 
anything, psychedelics get you more in touch with yourself, rather 
than fulfilling a "Calgon take me away” attitude. They can be used for 
this if your mind set is proper, but their spiritual and didactic 
powers are much greater.  I believe that by mixing yoga-like 
practices (whatever floats your boat...I’ll be detailing some later 
on this page)with psychedelic use, you can expand your consciousness 
to the greatest of dimensions.  Ones that cannot even be spoken of 
in words. Shiva is really just a symbol, and his background is really 
quite interesting, so I’ll be keeping you up-to-date on all his 
trials and tribulations as I compile info on him.  Enjoy the site and 

Any questions??? Still unclear???