Drug Information

Feel free to download or read all of these files. They are mostly alt.drugs files, from newsgroups and the such, so the people that wrote them are just internet fools, just like you. They may know what they're talking about, and they may not. I trust that this will help exercise your critical reading skills. I fixed them so they should be easy to read. No more running together sentences. If it's a news group, and the id and email address of the person who posted it don't show up, (and you'd like to see them) click view (in your netscape browser) and go down to page source, they should reappear *magically* between two sideways carets.



newspaper An article on LSD use in the UK. "New Generation takes a Trip Back to Acid."
badtrip Can you have one? Do they exist?
chromo A short comment about chromosomal damage caused by drugs.
create Detailed instructions for the synthesis of LSD.
drugs1 How to make LSD in your own kitchen and other fun recipes.
excerpt from "The Beyond Within: The LSD Story."
gooduse Words from someone who's done acid 100 times.
heath LSD side effects
hightimes Encyclopedia of recreational drugs, The Psychedelic Revolution.
landers Ann Landers talks about LSD.
lsddescr concise everything you want to know about acid.
lsd-harm "The Facts!"
lsd-info more Lyseric Acid Diethylamide.
lsdinfo2 even more LSD info
lsdoffice A biochemistry student describes how acid works on your brain.
lsd-prep LSD-25 synthesis from "Psychedelic Guide to the Preparation of Eucharist."
lsdpsych A student's psychology paper on LSD.
lsdstory "What I did last Monday."
lsdtatto "What about these LSD tattoos??"
lsd-use LSD timeline, origin and new popularity.
msds Material Safety Data Sheet.
recipe LSD-25 synthesis. "Let's hope this works..."
probchil "LSD - My Problem Child" by Albert Hoffman. This could be the whole thing folks.
sleep Ever take LSD and go to sleep? Every wonder what would happen if you did?
trip "The first time I visited Alice" and other tales of intoxication.
rules Rules for while on LSD.


A psychedelic trip up the ladder of evolution. [Terence McKenna]ladder
How to grow psychedelic mushrooms in your own home, brought to you by THE SEEKER.musroom
"Well, here it is, just about all I know about growing psychedelic mushrooms..."moremush
Field Guide to the Psilocybin mushrooms -- species common to North America.mushroom


3things Three things marijuana doesn't do.
drugbook1 Review of the book "Marijuana, The Forbidden Medicine."
Marihuana Marihuana and the bible, by an ethiopian church
hemp12 Hemp News #12, Wire stories involving marijuana. interesting.
risks Statistics on fatalities from marijuana use and other drugs.

Other Drugs

barbituatesInfo on types of barbituates from the Anarchists Cookbook
cactfam Info about a cactus with effects similar to Peyote
E4xtc "E is for Ecstasy" by Nicholas Saunders. The Whole Book
E4xtc_a The appendix to above book
ether Some suggestions about how to use ether
harmless Info on 2CB
lsa-trip Account of a trip from Morning Glory seeds
make Make opium
makedrug Make: amphetamine, DMT, heroin, LSD, MDA, methamphetamine, PCP, STP
MDMASecond thoughts on MDMA
mtmp-bad Meperidine, which is sold as synthetic heroin, sometimes in sloppy synthesis yields the contaminant MPTP. This contaminat is the subject of the article
ned Information on XTC...in Dutch!
recipes Recipe for "Green Dragon" 190 proof alcohol. They says that's strong.
truth Details on candidates for a truth serum
tma What is TMA?"In a vague sense it is related to MDMA..." [diagnosis of molecules included]

Legal Drugs

Info on how to boost your brain naturally.brainfod
Details on persoal experience and helpful infoDMAE
FAQ on natural highsnat_high
Coffee and caffeine FAQcaffeine
A concise encyclopedia of Legal Herbs and chemicals with psychoactive propertieslegalhgh
Info on morning glory seedsmor-glor
Secrets about the psychedelics hiding in your over the counter herbalsnatuhigh
Smart drugs or nootropics which imrove the cognitive functions of the brain. Detailed experiments and resultsnootropi
Nicotine withdrawl symptoms from "Drugs and Behaviour by WIlliam A. McKimnicotine
"Smart drinks are drinks made with nutrients that supply needed precursors and cofactors that your body uses to manufacture neurotransmitters.smrtdrnk
Real info on Robotussinrobo-faq
Is drinking a whole bottle of Robotussin anything like LSD? A first hand accountrobo
That they aretwo_nice_teas
The Dextromethorphan FAQ (a cough suppressant in common use over the counterdextromt
Recipe for Yhuba Goldyhuba


highhook Learn how addictions work
address Places to order various drugs related materials from
analyze Get your street drugs analyzed by an anonymous lab for a fee
beattest Tells you how to beat a drug test
cleansys A suggestion about how to clean all drug traces from your system
drugbook2 How to order lots of books about drugs--don't know how up to date it is
drugordr A list of legitimate businesses from which you can order plants and seeds
drugtest Detailed and varied ways to beat various drug tests
duration Some personal anecdotes on the expected duration of different drugs
effect An example of how misinformation gets spread on the web
law The Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act of 1986
li930912 So you're sick of the war on Drugs....here's the Liberty Activists List
movies "Movies to watch while wiggin out"
pisspass Yet another how to piss and pass
sentence Sentencing minimums and maximums for various crimes. No sources
what2do Tons of ideas and stuff to do while tripping.
testbust "Drug Testing Is A Bust" from Health magazine
smuggle Travelling iwth drugs and you're worried about being detected
whenlegl When was _____ made illegal??


An article called "The Drug Was on Civil Liberties" by David Baum. All about how the goverment is violating our liberties. A must readcivlbrty
A great article about consensual crimes (including drug crimes) and why laws against them violate our rightscng-law
Government corruption and lots of itcorrupt
Effects of the DARE program in US school systemsdare-fx
An article called DRUGSPEAK by Dr. Ann Dalley extracted from "Addiction Controversies."drugspea
How The Constitution Lost The War On Drugseditoria
Bring Drugs Within The Law. great essaybringdrg
Presumed Guilty - The law's victims in the war on drugsguilty
Twelve Resons to Legalize Drugslegalize
UN-Drug was criminals, global double standards and other politicsun-drug
Drugs Policy: The enemy within.theenemy
The War on Drugs is perfectly NORMLwodnorml
Untruths, unreliable data create obstacles in war on drugswodlies
Crackdown: The Emerging "Drug Exception" To The Bill Of Righs - by Steven Wisotskywisotsky
Diplomatic answer to the question "why use drugs?"why