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This is an automatically generated bi-weekly posting of my addresses list.  If
you have anything to add to this list (comments, missing places), please post


A few things:

1. the places listed below are legitamate businesses.  Their primary purpose
for being (well their stated purpose anyway) is NOT to supply heads with stuff
that will get them high.  Do NOT call or write these places acting like you
plan on using anything they carry for illicit purposes.

2. I have provided comments on the places that I have personal experience
with.  If you have experience with any of these places, please post or email
me with your impression of their service, product, etc.  If you know of any
mail order places that carry neat stuff and aren't listed here, PLEASE let me
know about them somehow.  And if you find that I've made a mistake in any of
the addresses/phone numbers/information presented below, please let me know.

3. If you have questions about any of the substances or companies mentioned
here, please POST them if at all possible.  If you can't post, email me and
I'll either try to answer or post it anonymously for you.

4. You can get catalogs from most of these places by calling or writing.  If
no price is listed for a catalog, it means I'm not sure if the place charges
for one or not.  I usually send a buck when I write for a catalog just to
avoid the hassle of having them write me back saying "we're sorry, but you
must include 50 cents when requesting a catalog...."  Catalogs from these
places can range from really informative, well-done booklets to 1 sheet order

5. abbreviations: 

HBWR: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds; one ounce of HBWR contains about 100
HLWR: Hawaiian Large Woodrose seeds.
MG: Morning Glory seeds.



... of the jungle
P.O. Box 1801
Sebastopol, CA  95473
(707)  ???-????


seeds, plants, and prepared herbs too numerous to mention.


Very well done catalog; extremely informative.  ...of the jungle probably
carries a wider variety of nifty botanicals than any other mail order place.
Prices are pretty good; service pretty good.

MG: 25 seeds/$1.50; HBWR: 11/$2.50; 100/$10

Island Spore Co.
P.O. box 8055
Honolulu, Hawaii 96830


HBWR, HLWR, Betel Nuts, Kava Kava, Imported Poppy Seeds (species not
specified), Sensitive plant seeds.


Took about a month to get their ONE PAGE order sheet in the mail.  Extremely
pricey compared to other vendors.  If anyone has any experience with this
place, please post or email

HBWR: 21/$20; 1 oz./$75; 1 lb./$1000 (yeah, right); 
HLWR: 15/$20; 1 oz/$75; 1 lb/$850 (oh, they're givin' them away!!);

1935 S. Plum Grove Rd.
Suite #348
Palatine, IL  60067
(708) 255-4982


HBWR, HLWR, Kava Kava, Broom, Black Morrocan (lettuce opium "incense"), some
other stuff.


Highly recommended.  Incredibly fast service (orders filled same day they are
received; 1 week TOTAL turnaround time for an order placed from TX).  Very
helpful over the phone.  Decent prices.  Write or call for Free order
sheet/brochure.  A tip: don't mess with the "Black Morrocan", it's useless.

HBWR: .5 oz/$25; 1 oz/$40; 4 oz/$110; 1 lb/$325; 
HLWR: 2 oz/$30; 8 oz/$90; 1 lb/$150.

Horus Botanicals
HCR 82 Box 29
Salem ARK.


Tons of nifty shit.  Prices/selection are comparable to ...of the jungle.
Catalog is big and informative, but not very well put together.  Horus carries
wormwood, opium poppy seeds, yohimbe and Acorus calamus, all of which are
fairly difficult to find.  


Service leaves something to be desired (long, long
turnaround time).  If ...of the jungle don't have it, Horus probably does;
you'll just have to wait a little longer to get it.

MG: "seed packet"/$2.00 (various species available; see catalog for

Magic Garden Herb Co. 
P.O. Box 332
Fairfax, CA 94930
(415) 488-4331


HBWR, HLWR, MG, tons of other herbs, most of which are of little or no
psychoactive value.  Much like a big mail order herb store.


Longest turnaround of any supplier listed here, with the possible exception of
Island Spore.  Nice selection, good prices.  If anyone has any experience with
Magic Garden, please post or email  I am told their MG
seeds are NOT treated.

MG: 7 grams/$1.50; 1 oz./$4.50.

New Mexico Cactus Research
P.O. Box 787
Belen, N.M.  87002
(505) 864-4027


Trichocereus Pachanoi cuttings (seasonally); Coryphantha Macromeris cuttings
(seasonally); the seeds of many trichocereus species (inculding peruvianus);
several species of Lophophora (no guarantee of getting williamsii); datura
seeds.  Also carries about every variety of cactus extant.


Really great service.  Very helpful over the phone.  However, PLEASE remember,
this place is a LEGITAMATE cactus farm.  They are NOT in business for the
purpose of supplying heads with mescaline-bearing cacti.  If you call or
write, make like a cactologist.

NMCR's catalog is really a trip.  Basically a bunch of poor-quality,
varying-size photocopies of hand-typed pages listing species, descriptions and
prices, with some pictures taped on here and there.  Kind of challenging to
find what you're looking for. 

Books by Phone
Box 522
Berkeley, CA  94701
(800) 858-2665


Books you can't find anywhere else.


If you can find it someplace else, buy it there.  This place is a FUCKING RIP
OFF.  the copy of Adam Gottlieb's _Legal Highs_ I bought from them (a 70 page
paperback) had a sticker that said $7.95 (which is what I paid) covering up
the original price of $3.95.  Plus they charge extra for personal checks,
credit cards, and postage.  However, they DO carry some really hard to find
titles, and the service is pretty good; about 2 week turnaround time on a
phoned-in credit card order.  Catalog is pretty good too.  If you can't find
it in their catalog, call and ask and they might be able to get it for you
(you may have to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford it, but...).

P.O. Box 1197
Port Townsend, WA 98368
$5.00 catalog


Interesting books.


I am told they
have fast turnaround and good prices.

Email comments:

i've ordered from them twice, pretty good service both times (2.5 & 3
weeks i think) prices are about the same as my local bookstore charges,
for the few things i've been able to compare. some seem overly expensive,
but from the descriptions in the catalog, i'd guess that most are pretty
reasonable. i don't expect books to be cheap, but $8.95 for something
like Psychedelic Chemistry is definitely worth it. (~200 pages, well
bound, trade paperback, glossy cover), some of the other things i've
gotten from them were not as good in terms of physical quality, but
they cost less too.


Laissez-Faire Books
942 Howard street
San Francisco, CA  94103
(800) 326-0996

Got their catalog for free a couple weeks ago.  Killer selection; mostly
hard-to-find alternative political and economics books.  No mushroom growers
guides and stuff like that.  Pricey compared to local bookstores, but some of
the titles they carry can't be found in local bookstores, so not a bad deal
for hard to find stuff.  Shop around first.


Gardens of the Blue Ridge
P.O. Box 10
Pineola, NC 28662
(704) 733-2417


Acorus calamus is the only psychoactive plant GBR carries that I know of.


GBR is an ultra-legitamate greenhouse specializing in hardy native plants.
They sell mostly seeds, seedlings and plants.  Since they don't sell dried
herbs, leaves, bark, root, or cuttings (like most of the places listed here),
they probably are of little interest to those of us that don't want to bother
with gardening.  Prepared Calamus root can be obtained from both ...of the
jungle and Horus.

Extremely well done catalog is $2.00.  However, don't expect to find any
information on alternative uses of the plants they sell in it.

P.O. Box 861867 Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA  90086-1867

Email comments:

similar to loompanics, but many many more titles. the catalog itself is 8.95,
but its a big 8x12 400 page book. if its not in loompanics or AMOK, i 
doubt its available.

AMOK's catalog is well worth ordering as a sourcebook and bibliography
of the bizarre, but I know of at least one person who's had trouble
ordering stuff from them, and they've been listed in Factsheet Five
in a "black" list of unreliable vendors.  If you can't find it anywhere
else and are prepared to wait months, go ahead and order, but you've
been warned...  If you live in the Los Angeles area, their bookstore
is worth visiting.

Wonderful catalog, but very unreliable.  I ordered from them about
August of last year.  One item out of 4 arrived quickly with the rest
backordered.  I was charged on my credit card for that item plus
shipping and handling.  A couple of months later, I was billed for the
remaining items, though I hadn't received them.  I called them during
their listed hours, received an answering machine and left a message.
No response.  After a couple of tries at this, I wrote my credit card
company and had them reverse the charge.  A few months after this,
perhaps 8 months after my original order, I received 2 out of the
remaining three items, the third item was cancelled and the charge
reversed on my credit card, even though the charge for the entire
order had been reversed already.  I was never billed again for these
items, but felt little guilt because of the exceptionally poor
service.  I also knew that it would be impossible to get in touch with
them.  Definitely don't send checks.  I'm sure that it would be very
difficult to receive an order once they have the money.  If I'm really
desperate, I might order from them again, but it would be safer to get
the book name and order from a reliable local book store.

Worldwide Curio House
p.o. box 17095
minneapolis minn, 55417

mainly a voodoo supply house, but has a large section of "herbs roots barks
berries"  much more extensive than MGH, and similar in price. they do not carry
MG or HBWS, however.  i think four or five dollars for three catalogues, which
even if you dont want anything but the herbs, are hilarious(one page has fruit
shaped refrigerator magnets, the next advertises "genuine human skull. number
of teeth may vary. $195.00"

p.o. box 184-sc
elizabethtown, IN 47232

haven't dealt with these fellows, but they carry some very odd things..
"30 dried grams red variety amanita muscaria: $60.00"
they also sell bufotonin toad skins from road kills and various other
thangs, but the fly agaric(amanita muscaria) is their main product..

I must add that this place has the most hysterical disclaimer I've ever read
in my life.  An excerpt (typo's of indeterminate origin):

               "The longest disclaimer you've ever seen."
All merchandise sold in this brochure is poisonous and not intended for
internal consumption.  All items are classified as "NON-FOOD".  They are not
to be eaten or drank.  Do not use in any manner unspecified or unauthorized by
JLF.  JLF assumes no liability for unauthorized uses of its products.  For
example (for those who exist soley to keep the human aspect of Murphy's Law
alive): Do not eat as a food or herbal dietary supplement.  Do not drink as a
beverage or make tea out of.  Do not inject in any form.  Do not stick, put,
insert or throw in your or another person's mouth, nose, ear, eye, anus or any
other orafice that may exist on your or another person's body.  Do not wet any
dried organic with water and let sit and rot, then smear the black
maggot-infested stinky slop on your or another person's body or insert it
in any of the orafices previously mentioned.  Do not light with fire and use
that fire to injure yourself or another or any personal or public property.
Do not leave in the middle of the floor and trip or slip on to injure yourself
or another.  There is not enough room here to list all the possible "do nots".
If you still can not keep from harming yourself or others or property with JLF
products then you should probably go to bed and stay there for the rest of
your life.  No, then you would get bed sores and bring suit against the bed or
sheet manuacturer, or JLF for telling you to do it....

Call for their brochure; it's free and well worth the laughs.

Inner Center
P.O. Box 362
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

clean MG seeds.  Used to sell 5-MeO DMT, but I think they stopped that around
3/92.  Probably carry some other nifty stuff but I've never seen their catalog.

The DoorWay
P.O.Box 12553
Ogden, Utah 84412-2553

Offers an excellent selection of books and what appears to be a pretty good
shroom kit.  Also gives free phone and net support.  Send $1.00 for catalog.

Send him email for details.


(from email:)

also, if youre Really into the whole gettin-weird-stuff-through-the-mail thing,
you might want to write off to the 3dipswhoaregoD..they have a Very funny
short newletter that they will send you free(and you will then be forever
on their mailing list for future issues as well). Back Issues are like
fifty cents or a dollar, depending on how long the specific issue is..
the current issue is vol. five. I thought vol. four was really their best
effort to date.
anyway, the address is:

3dips, c/o Catfish
915 W. Wisconsin Ave., #412
Milwaukee, WI 53233-2373

if you're familiar with the Discordians or the Church of the Subgenius, this
is sort of similar, but theyre not quite so avaricious as the subgenius..


(from email:)

From what I can recall, John Birrenbach has "acquired the rights" (oxymoron?)
to grow Cannabis hemp on a test plot somewhere in Minnesota. I'm unsure as to
the exact status/success of this situation, but Birrenbach and his 
organization have not been known to botch things. More info's probably

        The Institute for H.E.M.P. (Horticulture Education on the heMp Plant)
        P.O. Box 65130          
        St. Paul, MN   55165
      --(612)22202628  -->            {9-5 M-F, Central Time}
   FAX--(612)77704853         [This is John Birrenbach's Organization]

On the West Coast, try contacting:

        H.E.M.P. (Help End Marijuana Prohibition)
        5632 Van Nuys Blvd., #210
        Van Nuys, CA   91401
      --(213)39201806         [Jack Herer's Organization]
        B.A.C.H. (Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp)
        P.O. Box 71093
        Los Angeles, CA  90071-0093
      --(213)28804152           [Lynn Osborn(??)'s Organization)       ]
                                [These folks bend over backwards for ya]

(from email re:ephedrine:)

BDI Pharmaceuticals
A Division of Body Dynamics, Inc.
P.O. Box 11063
Indianapolis, Indiana  46201

Try snail-mailing them a request for information on how to order ephedrine for
your "asthma condition".


(from email:)

In article <> (mighty odin) writes:
>	Is smoking the flakes going to be active? Does smoking somehow
>get it to interact with MAO inhibitors?

Smoking skin flakes should work without MAO inhibition, but you must be 
careful because one gram of skin gives enough 5-MeO-DMT for 10-30 trips.
Bufo alvarius lives in the Sonoran desert (a leaflet about B. alvarius
and using it might be available from 

Venom Press 
Box 2863 
Denton TX 76202 

if Venom Press still exists).


Florida Mycology Research Center
PO Box 8104
Pensacola, Florida 32505
phone 904/327 4378
A good source for mushroom spores, live cultures, growing media,
tools, info booklets and videos etc. Spores and cultures of over a hundred
different species, including more Psilocybe species you knew existed and
"Lepiota peele". Fun item is Composted cow manure, "100% natural
composted cow pies... Compost is already taken by wild mushroom
Panaeolus and Psilocybe genus is likely.. 1 pound $25". Psilocybe
cubensis spores $5, culture $50. To order the culture you
need to use university or business letterhead or be a member of
"FMRC's Independent Mushroom Growers Network".


you can order Jack Herer's _The Emperor Wears No Clothes_ from:

HEMP Publishing
5632 Van Nuys Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91401


A Distribution
339 Lafayette St., Room 202
NYC, NY 10012

Anarchist literature.


High Times
c/o Trans-High Corp.
235 Park Ave. South
New York, NY  10003
phone 212-387-0500
subscriptions: 800-827-0228 within the US

_High Times_ is a monthly magazine produced in the US, devoted to psychadelic
drugs and alternative culture issues.