Here's an item that appeared in the Fall 1989 issue of 
Whole Earth Review, and which answers my question about
why the niche left by PharmChem's exit from the drug testing
business hadn't been filled by some other company.

If this outfit is still operating, it has been filled.

From "Whole Earth Review" Fall 1989 page 25
                    STREET PHARMACOLOGIST
These folks have been around since 1973, but are not as well known
as they should be.  You send them a sample of a drug, and they provide
pharmacological analysis of it, while maintaining your anonymity.
Their non-profit foundation publishes a newsletter summarizing the
rough-and-ready patterns of drugs as they are used on the street.
-Kevin Kelly
Street Pharacologist
$25/year from Up Front Drug Information
5701 Biscayne Boulevard #602, Miami, FL 33137
                SP Lab Results     Summer 1988
--------------- ----------------- ------------------ ------------------
methaqualone    methaqualone      white powder       North Virginia
methaqualone    diazepam          white tablet       Monmouth, NJ
Quaalude        methaqualone      white powder       North Virginia
cocaine/heroin  napthalenol       white powder       Hialeah, FL
marijuana w/PCP marijuana         plant material     unknown
LSD             LSD               paper square       North Bay, CA
MDMA            MDMA, MDA         white powder       San Francisco, CA
PCP             LSD               white powder       New York, NY
unknown         no drugs detected white powder       Gainesville, FL
unknown         acetaminophen     blue tablet        North Bay, CA
unknown         steroid           blue tablet        Pilot Mount, NC
unknown         diazepam,         white capsule      Ft. Lauderdale, FL
unknown         palmitic &        blue/white capsule Ft. Lauderdale, FL
                stearic acid
unknown         diethylpropion    white capsule      Ft. Lauderdale, FL
--------------- ----------------- ------------------ ------------------
The analysis service provided by SP Lab is not intended for emergency
drug analysis or for use as legal evidence in court. To submit a sample
for analysis, follow the procedure outlined below.
1. Wrap the sample securely in foil or plastic and place in an envelope.
2. Identify each sample with a random five digit nubmer. Enclose a note
   giving the code number and any details about the sample (what it is
   believed to be), the effects of the drug (if someone has used it),
   and the city and state from which it was obtained.
3. Enclose $25 for each sample, preferably in the form of a money order.
4. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish to receive
   results by mail.
5. Call Up Front at (305)757-2566 for mailing address.
6. After about three weeks, call 305-757-2566 or, Florida residents 
   Dade County, call toll free 800-432-8255. Be ready to give your code
   number for results.
7. Before submitting a sample, it is suggested that you call to verify 
   mailing address and the appropriateness of your sample for analysis.
   Note that SP Lab tests only for active drug ingredients. Inactive 
   cuts, and other pharmacologically inert substances will not be 

note: just to head off potential flames, this is NOT an ad for the
outfit. I'm not connected to them in any way. It's just posted
to this newsgroup as an interesting item, and for it's potential
benefit to public safety.