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Subject: Visine to defeat pot urine tests?
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Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1993 02:51:20 UTC
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While MEDLINING (as opposed to MAINLINING) the other day, I came across a
very interesting ABSTRACT regarding PISS-TESTS.

Here is the DOPE:

TI: Mechanism of false-negative urine cannabinoid immunoassay screens by Visine
AU: Pearson-SD; Ash-KO; Urry-FM
SO: Clin-Chem. 1989 Apr; 35(4): 636-8

The abstract says that clean urine was dosed with various substances
then with Visine.  "Although measured concentrations of several drugs were
decreased in the presence of Visine, false-negative results were obtained
only for 9-carboxy-THC for the EMIT-d.a.u. and TDx urine cannabinoid
assays.  Visine also decrased 9-carboxy-THC as measured by the Abuscreen
assay."  Also: "The added Visine was not detectable by routine urine analysis
and had no effect on the activity of the assays."

An explanation of these effects is offered, but the bottom line is Visine
could save your job.

I've been unable to track down the real article.  If someone with a better
grasp of the chemistry of drug-testing could comment, or find the article,
I'd appreciate discussion.

If not, I'll work on it in a couple of weeks.  I don't like to post shaky
ideas, but it could be a timely aide for someone.

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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 93 15:08:00 -0500
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 La> writes:
 >175 lbs. male
 >smoked one moderate sized bowl yesterday morning
 >have two weeks from now to get clean or I lose my new job
 >I will be drinking 8 10oz. glasses of water a day.  
 >Should i drink more water?

 La> no, that is probably sufficient to flush your system out.
I would say no, but I don't have any evidence to back this up.
Drink anything that will make you pee, and pee a lot!!!
Coffee, tea, water, anything. It is not so much the drinking
as it is the peeing, you should be pissing so much it is litterally funny.  But be careful, you can overdose on water.
Yes I know, as strange as it sounds, it is true. Now the 
trickey part, find out at what time of the day the test will take place. This is important. NEVER, EVER,EVER give them the first piss of the day. preferably sometime in the afternoon, drink plenty of water, your piss should be as clear as possible, take
some B complex vitamins to get the yellow color back.
find out where the test will be given. Is there running water available? Will they be watching or listening? Take a latex
condom and put about 4 or 5 ounces of water in it, tie the end in a good water tight knot, and shove this sucker down you pants,
nestle it right up against uncle willy to get warm. You better
be wearing some tight underwear or all the girls are going to think your really glad to see them. If you have privacy during the pee-in, bight a hole in it and add  the water to half the sample. If watered in half they will probobly not detect a thing.
But right now you should be donating HEAVILY to any NORML
chapter so that this may not happen again. Go out and find the book, "Steal this urine Test" by Abbie Hoffman. Read it and 
follow the advice.
 >At 8 (10oz) glasses a day for two weeks would I pass the test?

 La> there is a good chance.  particularly if you haven't been smoking much
 La> prior to this last occasion of use.
 >Assuming the test is the most accurate drug test used, would I pass the test?

 La> this probably isn't a useful question.  GC/MS would have a better
 La> chance, but it is very expensive to do this kind of testing on a lot of
 La> samples.  the other tests are all immunoassays with roughly the same
 La> degree of accuracy.

Employers are cheap, they mostly use the cheapest test. Remeber
that they are testing your urine, not cutting out a hunk of fat to test. Worry about your urine. If your kidneys shut down you don't test positive for anyting because your not cleaning yourself. Starting two or three days before, piss like crazy.
even more so then previously, then follow other suggestions you should be okay. And join NORML or any other group that is
fighting this nonsense. Take copy's of Abbie's book and post them on bullitin boards. Write your union, do anything you can within reason to inform the rest of your workers.
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Subject: Re: THC test question *UR
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Date: 20 Aug 93 16:46:00 GMT
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Hi there John,you were talking about THC test question *URGENT 

JC> How does one go about beating a test for THC? How long does it take to
JC> become safe? Any info is appeciated - I'm sure it's in a FAQ, but I
JC> seriously don't have the time to search. For this same reason, could
JC> you please email me? Thanks in advance.

Well here's a bunch of stuff about the subject...

Attached you will find the best file I have seen to date.  It has all the
tricks that really do work.

I found the majority of this information through contact with NORML
in Washington.  IT is summarized, organized (mildly), and reprinted
here without permission.

How to Piss and Pass
-       -      ----=-=-<=======>-=-=-----      -        -

* Washing your system - How much water and for how long?
In an emergency you can start drinking water as soon as one hour before
the test, 4-6 hours is recommended. There is no known universal dosage,
but you should be urinating so often it is ridiculous. One drawback
is that watery urine is produced. Sometimes urine is rejected on the
basis of its color alone. Taking B-complex vitamins will help keep
the urine yellow.

* Drinking vinegar does not work.

* Urinaid is one additive that works every time.  Pour the contents of
the vail into your sample during the collection procedure.  Don't
drink it!  This method will not work on RIA - it won't pass military

* Visine does not work.

* Powdered urine from Byrd Labs works  fine for those not sure about
the integrity of a friends sample. Prepare ahead of time, directions
are included.

* Niacin and Golden Seal have shown encouragement, but they are
inconsistant. This urinator would not chance it.

* Don't rely on the ibuprofen alibi. Anyone who has taken enough
ibuprofen to cause a false positive above the 100ng cut-off (impossible)
can rest assured: The GC/MS confirmation tests will confirm that it is
indeed ibuprofen.

* The length of time or a THC positive varies. The average time for the
regular user is less than two weeks. Water is a good method for these
people, as insurance. An infrequent user should not have to worry
after a couple of days.

* Substitution is the most interesting and challenging approach. IF you
really hate the Bladder Cops, this can be quite gratifying. If you are
using a friend's urine, be sure you know what drugs they have taken over
the last month. There is no definitive test for amphetamines, OTC
remidies such as Contac and Alka-Seltzer are notorious. If you don't
list it, most any drug can get you into just as much trouble. For any
substitution be prepared to give 60cc. Also be sure it falls within the
91-97 degree temperature range. Most often the test containers have a
tape on the side indicating the samples temp. Whatever the container,
it must open quietly. Toilet paper is a convienient, provided,
insulator. Many collections require that you change into a `gown.'
By using a vial or condom taped to the inner thigh, you can get around
the gown as well as the temperature requirement. Most importantly -
practice! Practice until you have made it a fine art. a woman with a
shirt can fake urination even with an observer in the room. A man with
his back to an observer can do just as well. Abbie Hoffman suggested a
few drops of urine on the seat or on ones shoe as an added measure of

* If you can't pass the test - screw over the chain of custody. This
involves safety seals, signatures and treating your urine like serious
stuff. Act nervous. Sign the papers differently in different places.
Initial the wrong place and then scribble it out. If the official is
not paying attention, mark in the `do not mark' areas. These papers are
reviewed before analysis, if they are inconsistant, your sample will be

* If you fail the test, Raise hell. A urine test gone wrong can make a
passive person rabid. Don't take it to court. It is virtually impossible
to win a case, especially in pre-employment. All positive samples are
kept in the labs for two years.


Urinaid and Powered Urine are both available through Butterfield-Jay
Foundation, P.O. Box 57214, Oklahoma City, OK 73157. For more
information call (405) 521-URINE. A machine will answer. Calls will
be returned collect. Two samples for $25 or ten for $100, for both

NORML operates a Drug Testing & Information Hotline. The charge is
$2.95 per minute.  900-97-NORML


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Subject: Drug/Piss Tests
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In regards to previous posts questioning how to beat urine tests, I have
beaten several using the following methods:
1       Find a friend that you KNOW does not use anything. Have him/her
piss in a baggie. Take liquid and transfer to condom or leave in bag.
Place bag or condom in pants. When you go to piss, use their piss
instead of your own. This will not work, however, if there will be a
witness to your test.
2       If there will be a witness, and you know on what day the test
will be given, this will work. Approximately 3 hours prior to giving
your sample begin drinking water. Lots of water. I drank about 1.5
gallons to accomplish this. Basically drink and don't stop until the
test. By the time you go for your sample you will be pissing water that
has not had time to absorb the necessary concentration of chemicals to
return a positive result.
      This is very similar to when you drink a lot of beer and begin
pissing almost constantly. Your body just won't hold all of the liquid
that you take in and begins to divest itself of the excess liquid. You
may piss a lot during the three hours, but don't stop drinking,
especially immediately prior to the test. This worked for me and I hope
that others may benefit also :-).