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From: (Pete Zakel)
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Subject: Re: Possibilities of gene damage?
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1993 23:03:19 GMT
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In article <> writes:
>	Three major sources of environmental damage to chromosomes are (1 and
>	2 are high and low end radiation)...and (3) chemicals, such as LSD,
>	marijuana, cyclamates (what are these?), and certain pesticides.
>Anyone have the answer to this one?

Yes, it is bullshit, at least w/r/t marijuana and LSD.  I would suspect that
tobacco is a much greater risk (due to its ubiquity) than marijuana w/r/t
chromosome damage -- and note that the only chromosomes likely to be damaged
are those in the lungs.

Cyclamates are artificial sweeteners that used to be used in some diet sodas
before they were banned due to (extremely low) cancer risk.  Saccharine also
have a (low) cancer risk, but has not been banned because Nutrasweet (TM)
(a/k/a aspartame) cannot be used by phenylketonurics.

-Pete Zakel
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