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From: mr
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Subject: Re: real long term effects of lsd?
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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 93 22:33:43 EDT
Organization: Youngstown State University
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 I have a FOAF who tells me of many long term effects. Like the fact that
a 36year old man living behind him wants to be 12 years old again and acts
exactly like it. Cannot have a normal conversation with anybody and is really
intensely nervous all of the time. Another foaf had a multitude of hands
come up from the floor and kept smashing his head into it. One kid in our
area while tripping FOR THE FIRST TIME thought his mother was satan and
put her in the hospital and ended up in the mental ward himself. The
asshole who sold this kid all these doses was eventaully paid back. He did
not even fucking care all he wanted to do is sell as many as he could and the
kid took them all at once. Its all too easy for your thought to get really
fucking twisted, or some asshole starts to really fuck with your head. If you
listen to the wrong music and you actually hear the words and then try to under
stand them you could be fighting a certian thought forever. Sure you can
take care of set and setting but if something slips sideways into your mind
perhaps what you heard earlier in the day. Who knows it could give you a real b
ad reaction. I hate to spoil all of the fun but a FOAF tells me he quit trippin
g for some of these reasons even though his last one was the most enjoyable
he had ever had. IF your FOAF trips again make sure they have a really good min
dset and a relaxing setting. WATCH WHO THEY TRIP WITH(very inportant!!!)
Music is as important as who you trip with because in a sense you sre tripping
with them when you listen to them. Drink no coffee take no caffine. Dont
try to prolong a trip by staying up later and using those substances no
matter how good the trip was it will only set you off really bad. Always
remember if a thought comes to you that reaaaalllyyyyyyyy weirds you out
if a fucked up and bad way you can simply erase it at any time. Always set
aside some thing in your mind that is absolutely pure and untouchable
so you can go back to it if the need arises. And you can always bring yourself
down with a few pills then when you feel like shit the next day take some
more to wake yourself up until you start to freak out once again then take
more pills to bring you self back down then the next day when........
.. until you decide it isn't really worth it.
                         Im mr neato and
                         i dont feel so neat anymore
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From: mr
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: real long term effects of lsd?
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Date: 24 Aug 1993 04:39:18 GMT
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oh, i forgot to tell you that LSD is cut with strychnine all the
time, too.  thats what causes all the trails.  people think its from
the LSD, but actually thats an effect of the strychnine.  i also
know this guy who did a lot of Ecstasy and his spinal fluid dried out
and now he's go ostheoporosis or however you spell it.

and don't forget to take some vitamin C or orange juice while you're
tripping.  it makes sure that the LSD doesn't crystillize in your brain
and it prevents flashbacks.