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From: (Joseph Brooks)
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Subject: Re: bad acid trips
Date: 7 Aug 93 23:56:21 PST
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On Sat  7-Aug-1993 11:40p, David J Vinas smiled knowingly and wrote:

DV> I have actually NEVER had a bad acid trip.  I think your friend is
DV> just being a little too paranoid.  The reality is that I have had
DV> quite a number of bad mushroom trips, though.  I think the reason for
DV> this is that it is hard to control the dose of mushrooms, since it
DV> just depends on how strong they are at that time of year, how much you
DV> eat, method of ingestion, etc.  Once, after consuming an unknown
DV> quantity of mushrooms, I wound up running/crawling through the woods,
DV> thinking I was a werewolf (believe it!).  This has never happened on
DV> acid, and I've taken as many as 12 at once (in school, no less!).

    Just to jump right in here, being as acid is one of my favorite topics...

    The only bad trip I had on 'shrooms was more of a physical effect. I first
begin getting a huge head rush which increases to the point of black-out, then
the sweats and nausia (forgive my spelling). This has happened to me the last
three times I've done 'shrooms and the last time (at a Jerry Garcia Concert)
was bad enough to make me swear off for good. I had a fairly large amount of
alchohol 2 of those times and none the third so I don't know if it was a case
of bad medicine or bad mix. Either way, I'm done with mushrooms.

    I've done acid A LOT. I'm talking well over 100 times. I've never had the
classic 'bad trip' unless you count a too large of a dose and the 'What if I
never come down blues'. I can remember times where I prayed to god (my atheism
tossed aside) and swore I'd never trip again if I could just come down.

   Its my belief that acid requires a strong sense of 'self' and much
confidence in ones will. An early game I used to play on good acid in the 70's
(Clearlight/Widowpayne) was to sit in a room, preferably with blank white
walls and will the walls to change color. With some effort I was able to
change colors at will and even go for checkers, stipes and other patterns.
This is the sort of will needed to safely do acid (IMO). If you feel something
ugly coming on, you must be able to steer your trip away from it. For the most
part, I've always been able to do this.

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