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Subject: The Most Beautiful Sky Blue Flowers I've Found (LSA)
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Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993 06:45:30 GMT
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    It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and we had a plan.  Well, okay, 
we didn't really have one, but we had several goals, a car, and even a 
little bit of money.  So it was that I found myself at Stein Gardens and 
Gifts with two of my close friends, scanning what remained for the summer 
of their seed rack. Our eyes were caught by some "Beautiful Sky Blue 
Flowers" (according to the packaging) that were being sold for $1.99 per 
package of 6 grams.  This was definitely the best price we had ever seen, 
and we decided to purchase 3 packages - 9 grams for each of the two of us 
that possessed interest in the usage of the seeds.  We walked out of the 
store with 18 grams of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds and a Nut Roll 
candy bar.  After giving a quick shake to the rubber hand that has been so 
deftly placed to hang out of the trunk of my friend's car, we entered the 
vehicle and proceeded to the shopping mall.
    First of all, we seized the opportunity to search for new reading 
material at WaldenBooks.  The next stop was Kohl's Department Store, where 
we quickly made our way to the kitchen supply department.  Our last 
endeavor with these seeds included a rather silly period during which, for 
lack of a better means, we found ourselves sitting around a piece of 
cardboard, taking at the seeds with various sundry items (a hammer, a "C" 
size battery, an N2O cracker). While this had proved entertaining, we were 
rather joyful to exit Kohl's with a lovely $8.99 Mr. Dudley "Princess" 
pepper grinder.  After acquiring some delicious cookies of the macadamia 
nut-containing variety, we left the mall to check in at my home, gleefully 
grinding the included peppercorns wherever our path led (we had to empty it 
    At my house, I filled my bag with a change of clothes, some coffee 
filters (to replace the paper towling of our last attempt - a successful 
attempt, but cumbersome, at best), some plastic bags to fill with the 
product of the grinder, a toothbrush, and 3.6 more grams of seeds whose 
presence in my drawer I had hitherto neglected to remember.  10.8 grams of 
seeds for each of us - it was bound to be a good night.  We returned to the 
apartment of my companion for the night's journey (who will henceforth be 
referred to as "Zworfin"), and set about our work.
    The two that would not be partaking of our potion (the one who had gone 
shopping with us, who will henceforth be referred to as "Jarquom", and the 
person living with Zworfin, who will henceforth be referred to as 
"Prulict") left for Taco Bell.  After the first (approximately) 6 grams, 
our "Princess" jammed up, and became stuck in the "closed" position.  Enter 
cardboard, hammer, Energizer, and Duracell.  Eventually, we had two piles 
of fine white powder with black specks, each massing approximately 10.8 
grams, and some Nacho Supreme.  At 8:30PM, We carefully placed the piles of 
powder into two empty Ice Mountain bottles (chosen for the easy pouring 
associated with a beverage bottle's neck) with some rather warm water, and 
not-so-carefully ate our suppers for the evening, and set about watching 
the breathtaking thunderstorm the night had given us, while occasionally 
stirring our concoctions.
    It was interesting to note that the rather apocalyptic weather of late 
was easily understood in the light of the prophetic dream of one of our 
friends: the world was ending in this dream, and it was July 17, 1993.  We 
chatted idly about the obvious fact that we had merely 2 weeks of this life 
left, and eventually, 9:00 rolled around.
    It didn't take long to rip all of our coffee filters, lose a good deal 
of filtrate, and feel hopeless.  Luckily, we found that a handkerchief made 
a much more effective filter in this case, and we obtained a large amount 
of liquid, keeping the bulk of the solid matter in the cloth.  We cleaned 
up the kitchen, proposed a toast to permanent psychoses, clicked glasses, 
and stared at our potion.  Jarquom wittily began to chant "Chug.. Chug.. 
Chug!", and Zworfin and I naively obliged.  This was most likely the worst 
decision of the night, and the taste made me lightheaded enough that I 
wouldn't have been disappointed if the LSA didn't take.  We quickly 
attacked the pitcher of juice in the refrigerator, and within minutes, our 
suffering was over.  Prulict and Jarquom had popped "White Men Can't Jump" 
into the VCR, so I sat down to watch it while Zworfin grabbed his book and 
CD player.
    I'd estimate that it was very roughly 10:30 when Zworfin was starting 
to smile at nod knowingly, and I was groaning and clutching my rather 
displeased stomach.  I was rather certain that I would not enjoy my journey 
if I embarked upon it with this sort of physical sensation.  I considered 
the tried-and-true method of purging one's digestive system in order to 
smooth out the trip, but I couldn't bring myself to do that.  In order to 
make it to church on time, Jarquom left at the end of the movie (probably 
around 11:00), driven by Prulict.  I was a little disturbed by Prulict's 
absence, as she was to be our anchor-to-reality, guide, and babysitter, but 
she would return soon, of course.  While she was gone, my trip turned 
around completely.  It seems that the basic turning point was the partaking 
of a Mr. Freeze-style popsicle at the behest of Zworfin.  I was beginning 
to feel the amplification of all physical touch, and my mind was softly 
humming with the giddy onset of free association.  Zworfin was overjoyed, 
as he was definitely eager to have a companion for his trip.  Prulict 
returned, and after taking care of some minor things around the apartment 
(laundry and such), she sat down with us, and joined us.
    She truly did join us, too.  All three of us agreed that it almost 
seemed as if she had imbibed a decent share of LSA, also.  Of course, she 
still had a firm grip on reality, but she was willing to "play along" with 
our silliness, and she enveloped herself completely in the emotional 
outpouring that Zworfin and I had for her.  There had been a few too many 
problems in our relationship (1 relationship for the three of us, because 
that's basically the way we live it), and we couldn't have hoped for a more 
thorough reconciliation.  Zworfin and I quickly understood what had been 
separating us, and we were able to finish each other's sentences to an 
unreasonable extent, as if we both had a full script in front of us.  After 
we felt our problems solved, we turned to Prulict.  We realized suddenly 
how important she was to our experience, our lives, and our relationship - 
and she was the main object of our thoughts for most, if not all, of the 
    Although I'm still not sure ultimately how the entire experience 
affected Zworfin and Prulict's relationship, I was presented with a 
remarkable understanding of how the entire ordeal would eventually turn out 
favorably. Prulict will be leaving soon to spend some time on her own, 
sorting things out, but I have never felt closer to anyone than I felt to 
the two of them that night - and I now am well aware that that bond will 
always, in some way, hold us all together.  I was in constant awe at the 
beauty surrounding me - Zworfin, who had helped me through the most 
difficult times in my life thusfar; Prulict, who had entered into my life 
rather recently, but to whom I already felt a love as strong as any I've 
ever known; and the relationship between all three of us, which was 
manifesting as a pure ever-strengthening glow of closeness.  Many important 
realizations and analogies about life and reality were developed that 
night, but none seemed as important as the understanding and sharing that 
went on between us.
    The profound glowing ecstasy of it all is beyond description.  I felt 
at many times as if I would cry from the sheer beauty of it all - even when 
Zworfin was expressing his tearing emotions of loss at Prulict's planned 
departure, my tears were not of sadness, but of love and joy for the 
wondrous light I saw in both of them.  I could tell, then, in everything 
that any of us did - I saw myself in them, and each of them in the other 
and myself.  We spent much time snuggling and idly holding hands/stroking 
arms in various combinations, and the pure energy that was transmitted to 
me caused me to wonder if my body could handle such warm, all-encompassing 
sensations.  I also have never seen such beauty as I found in Prulict's 
reactions to the experience.
    Eventually, Prulict grew tired, and Zworfin and I were able to continue 
our discussions between each other, basking in the seemingly error-free 
connection between our thoughts.  We could discuss a model for reality, and 
it would instantly appear in the other's mind.  The most useful and 
applicable of these was a fractal model for relationships, thoughts, and 
experiences.  A thought or an experience is an infinite spiral, consisting 
of innumerable other spirals, and placed as a component of other, larger 
spirals.  Thus, a thought could be pursued into itself, gaining detail as 
the spirals of which it is composed are made up.  Or, one can pursue the 
thought as it relates to other thoughts - where it fits in the larger 
spirals.  When we gave an analogy to the other, it was an empty spiral, and 
it only made sense when we realized how to fit our existing thoughts into 
it.  A few clues, the thoughts that we had already understood to fit into 
the analogy, would help to get the point across.  An analogy for this (not 
to get carried away.. :): If I give you a bunch of stones and say "Arrange 
them in the right order", you're sort of at a loss.  But, if I say, 
"Arrange them into a circle with a line through the center", you can make 
an image that looks very nearly like mine.  The line could be oriented 
incorrectly, but one of us has only to walk a short distance around the 
circle to remedy that.
    We continued on until 4 or 5 in the morning, when I took 150mg of 
Valerian Extract, in an attempt to cushion the ride back down and get some 
sleep.  It worked beautifully.  I felt myself tying up loose ends, and 
coming back to reality, a sensation I find perhaps more intriguing than 
much of the trip, but it was very smooth.  I closed my eyes, and saw 
beautiful images that reminded me of computer graphics (in fact, I'm in the 
process of ray tracing and animating one of them).  Zworfin saw similar 
images.  We knew that this would be a major stepping stone in many of the 
relationships we've been strongly working to lift to the level that ours 
has reached.  Indeed, discussing this with a few other friends the day 
after proved to patch many gaps in our understanding of each other.  
    It is for this that I advocate the usage of substances such as LSA.  We 
made an effort to use it efficiently, effectively, responsibly, and safely, 
and 2 days later, the only effects that remain with me are the newfound 
love among my friends.  Learning to use powerful tools has its rewards, and 
the human mind is my favorite of all the tools I've yet to encounter.  I 
expect I'll be writing a huge text on the things we learned, in the hopes 
that a few more people will understand them.  I can't hope to include the 
majority of even the highlights, because it was all so important, but this 
should at least serve to reaffirm the sense that these substances have the 
potential to create and further beautiful things - in ways I could no 
longer deny.
I love you all.