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From: (Mr. Poopie Pants)
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Subject: Re: how does lsd work?
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Date: 8 Jun 93 05:07:17 GMT
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Tim Keenan  writes:

>LSD was metabolized entirely within something like 30 minutes of
>ingestion (before the symptoms begin).  It has something to do with
>serotonin and other neurotransmitters (little chemical "messengers"
>that cross the gaps between the nerves in your brain), and I believe
>the high has to do with altering the normal transmission of nerve
>impulses.  They also used to tell me that serotonin is one of the
>compounds that is out of whack in schizophrenia, and also, that
>newborn babies probably perceive the world a lot the way you do when
>you are stoned on LSD or other psychedelics, and that a large part
>of early development is learning to ignore extraneous sensory input,
>i.e. to develop mental "filters".  I have no doubt that some
>neurochemical type will post and fill us in on the current poop.

actually, i recently took a biochemistry class on drugs and how they affect
a person, and your description is pretty accurate. we were told in this
class that the receptor sites in the molecules (lsd and serotonin) look
similar, and that for a short period of time (usually 15 minutes to half an
hour) the lsd binds itself to the receptor sites that the serotonin normally
would. but after this short time, all the acid is metabolized out of your
brain, and the normal serotonin returns. well, acid takers know that you
don't even start to get high for at least a half an hour. what actually gets
you high is that you develop a hypersensitivity to your own serotonin, and
it is your own brain chemistry that is getting you high. your brain is in a
way fooled into thinking its own serotonin is lsd.

in other words, lsd merely jump starts your brain...

so anybody telling you that acid will rot your brain or whatever else
they've been telling people, should not be believed.

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From: (Dave Garner)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: how does lsd work?
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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1993 18:44:46 GMT
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>In article <1993Jun4.4616.31112@dosgate> "steve szuster"  writes:
>>I know that this might seem to be a little trivial, but I'm curious as
>>to how LSD works?
>>Before I get all kinds of very complicated medical terms that I will not
>>understand, could whoever responsds PLEASE, in parenthesis beside any
>>word that's more than two syllables =) tell me what it means or refers
>>to?  Big words confuse me.  =)
>>Thanks in advance!

Here's my effort. This is fun!

LSD walks in the door, and heads for the reception area. The pineal gland  
happens to be sitting at the switchboard, doing her nails. LSD slips a mickey 
in her coffee, and his job is done. He goes off to hang around the bowels for 
a spell. The gland is at one of those old fashioned switchboards with all the 
retractable plugs and sockets, and it all starts to get a bit much for her.
The tactile office down town rings up to say that our little finger is hurting 
just a bit, and that it might be a good idea to scratch it or something, and 
she plugs them into the office dealing with smells, who think the request 
smells like an over ripe casaba melon. The sight office (they're ALWAYS 
calling in) calls up, wanting a bit of pattern-recognition done (AGAIN) 
regarding the arrangement of the face-planes of this girl they just spotted, 
and did we know her at high school. She plugs them through to several 
different offices at once, who tell the sight office that she looks something 
like the swirl lines in a chocolate icecream we had back when we were nine and 
on vacation from school, and this excites another office on the line who 
recalls that wow, we had that hideous teacher that year, and so injects 
subconscious revulsion into the conversation, over layed with a the dragon 
from DRAGONSLAYER that scared the shit out of you on that vacation so that you 
had horrible nightmares and pissed the bed..... All the fire alarms in the 
building ring, and the body (sluggishly, as only half of them are still on the 
phone) reels away in horror from this nice girl, who gives them the gut 
feeling of the teacher/dragon/nightmares, the feeling that she's going to 
start melting chocolate, hey that would be kinda neat, maybe I'll stick around 
and watch after all, but the eyes are by now convinced that was a dragon with 
all the most hideous features of a 4th grade teacher and the chill breath of 
icecream. Our girl on the switchboard is spraying her seratonin perfume  around
like crazy and working herself into a worse frenzy still, and the face infront 
of us starts to look like a Judas Preist song that tastes like chocolate......

But hey, that's just my impression.


Thank you for reading this message.