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Subject: Re: What I've done - By Michael.. Welcome to the other side.
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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 11:21:30 EDT
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>        A slight uncertainty arises as to where to start my explanation of
>this experience, because it eventually seemed to have found root in events
Rest Deleted....
I too had a similar experience the first time I tripped (four 1/2 years ago)
You have just passed the first test to becoming a 'man (or women) of knowledge..
You will see things most humans do not. You will feel things that other people
cannot feel. You will imagine things that others could not possibly imagine.
But most of all, you will become who your are truely meant to be. Your first
experience was good, but made you think - that's most important. If you gain
nothing from psychedelics, then you probably have nothing to gain at all from
When I first began using LSD, I was amazed at how powerful the drug was. Nothing
I could have done would have prepared me for that experience. Since then, I have
tripped well over 100 times with large (9 hits), medium (3-6), and light (1/2-3)
doses. The things I have seen and done could not possibly be described to anyone
with any real comprehension. I have never ended up in a hospital even though I
have had a bad trip (I know a lot about LSD, and I know that it will wear off -
eventually...) and I would'nt give up my psychedelic experiences for anything...
They changed ALL of my beliefs - focused my life - and allowed me to experience
something few have experienced and would even begin to understand... I'm glad to
hear that you did the research before you tried the drug - That is essential to
recreational drug use. Also, from your statements, I see that if you truely had
a problem, you would'nt hesitate to go to the hospital. Very good, don't let
the fear of being 'caught' get in the way of your safety.....
I would like to share an experience of my own....
While on spring break, a friend and I decided to go camping in The Great
Smokey Mountains, N.C. - Both of us had really been looking forward to that
week, so we had the perfect mind set. We hiked for two miles to a site, and
set up our camp for the night. The next day, we dropped around noon - smoked
a J, and let the acid creep in.. We did'nt know it then, but the doses we had
were very strong. Anyway, the moss began to crawl like worms and since it
was everywhere, it made the rocks seem 'alive.' Then I say it - To the east,
just over the top of a mountain, was a huge creature - dark, massive, with
no real features. I stared in amazement - I did'nt know whether to be
frightened or ecstatic. Well, not enough time to decide, because it
dissappeared... My friend and I passed into the 'other world' - as I like
to call it - after an hour or so (I feel as if the trip really does'nt
begin until you've lost that association with yourself - meaning that
you feel part of an overall whole, not an individual world mixed into a
world of other indivdual worlds...). We got up and decided to do some
hiking. We set out to start climbing. The colors and intensity of
everything overwhelmed me. Moss felt like carpet, trees looked like
looming giants, and the wind howled songs into our minds. As we climbed,
I began to lose touch with who I was, why I was there, how I got there
etc... I began to concentrate on a bigger purpose - climbing to the
top.... Our struggle became a means of survival. If we stopped, we
both agreed that we might die. We Must Go On - we said to each other.
At what we thoght was the top, we faced an obstical - a wall of granite
twenty feet high. A slow waterfall dripped down the side, and I saw
purple faces of frozen souls melted into the purple moss in front
of me. I panicked, looked at my friend and realized that he was
whispering something to the moss. I asked him what he was doing
"I'm talking to my friend" he said as if it was no big deal. Well,
I was on drugs, in the middle of nowhere with noone around so I
could'nt resist. After striking up a conversation with the moss,
I finally asked if it knew how to get on top of the wall? Now, don't
get me wrong, I don't really think I had a conversation with this
thing, but my imagination sure thought I was.... Anyway, it suggested
a tree around the corner (further on from where we were). Remember,
this was the first time we were in this area. We walked around
the corner, and sure enough there was a tree with long roots
and branches hanging down like rope ladders. We got to the top
of the wall, and felt the change in environment. Over the
wall, the mountain sloped slowly upward. I felt the ground shake
I felt energy in the wind, and I felt an awesome desire to
reach the top. Well, this is getting too long, so I'm going to sum
it up. We got to a point on the mountain where the upward slope
turned to a downward slope, and the trees seemed less dense -
basically the top - we were on what some call rolling hills...
Anyway, I could once again look out at the awesome view we had
and to my surprise, The creature once again loomed over the
mountain tops. This time though, it felt right. I felt as if
the creature I was viewing was a part of me. That it guided
me the whole way, and assured that no harm would come to my friend
and I. I felt as if the climb to the top was a struggle for
me to break free of society's mold. I felt different at the top
and I knew that my life would never be the same. I felt small,
yet significant. I realized then that we don't know anything
about life, death, reality, god, etc.... In short, we as human
beings have barely scratched the surface in our understanding
of our universe. We are so arrogant to believe that some
mystical creature hears our every thoughts and every words
and understands.... Their is much more out their - I know, I've
seen it, I've felt it, I've stared it in the face and struggled
to understand it... I don't think I will until my death, but I'll
always try...... You've begun a quest my friend - You've been
re-born... You can no longer go back to the way you were before.
Look upon it as a gift. One that allows you to 'see' things
that were'nt there before. One that allows you to explore
without a fear of death - In a sense, you've already died,
and will begin a new life. Good Luck......
imagination is god - god is imagination.....
PS - If you like philosophy, begin reading Carlos Castaneda's
     series about Don Juan. You'll find them very entertaining
     to read. They basically describe the Yaqui indian philosophy
     regarding the use of psychedelics. That's were I grabbed the
     'man of knowledge' bit.... Their entertaining and easy to read...
Those that regard this as BS or whatever. Well, I don't care
because it means I'm probably happier than you are.... And at worst,
I get more from my drugs than you do....... Are'nt we all (drug
users) the walking dead anyway? (from a previous post) - So leave
us alone... I've never been bothered by a dead person - just ignore
us - let us do what we want - we don't exist anyway - right? At
least the government does'nt want people to know that we do - Our
parents say 'not my child' - Well, for buddha's sake, don't
read our articles.......
By the way, has anyone outside of Florida seen 'Elephant King'
acid? If you do, It's very clean and nice - definatly worth picking up....