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    Alright, this talk of robo has me going. I'm about to give my
personal account, as it happens. Me and my roommate just bought a 4oz
and an 8oz bottle of Robo Max Cough. That's six oz a piece. That's
540mg of dex. I'm still in the process of taking it. It's not that 
bad to drink if you have a glass of water in your other hand. We
both quickly felt warm, and now slightly drunk. I'm a little nervous
because I've never talked to anybody face to face whose done this.
It's difficult to look at the screen and typing ain't too easy now
either. Although I am typing about a million miles an hour.
    Wow, I'm back again. After about two hours, we just smoked some
pot. Typing is hard as hell right now. Things are pretty strange. It's
not like LSD. Things are slow and weird. I played Starfox, real
wierd. It was so freakin' slow.
    We just walked. It was weird. That's the best description of
robo. WIERD! I think I have said weird at least a billion times. We
headed to the cafeteria for dinner tonight and decided right before
we actually entered that we weren't hungary. This is nothing like
tripping on LSD as some have suggested. It's like the opposite of a
    Ok, it's about nine hours later. I'm now in a better condition
to describe what it was like. Although it was an interesting experience
and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new and weird,
I doubt that I will ever do it again. Niether of us got nauseos or
had any real bad effects, it just wasn't as comfortable as LSD. My
face felt kind of contorted, and seeing required effort. I did get
those itchies people described, but they came and went pretty quickly
at different times and weren't much of an inconvienience.
    The pot seemed to be a necessary ingriediant to activate the stronger
effects. I ended up the night watching "Aladdin" in the campus theatre.
I had never seen this before and was really shocked at how good it
was. It's good entertainment for anyone on drugs. The place was packed
and the effects were amazing.
    Conclusion: It was different, but it didn't really affect my thinking
as much as my senses. I do LSD and pot as tool to expand my mind;
robo only expanded my head (my head felt soooo heavy). I wish people
would stop comparing this to LSD on this newsgroup. It is completely
different in every way. But I have no regrets. Happy trips!


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