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Subject: Re: Airports and pot
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Date: 19 Apr 1993 05:31:15 GMT
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: 	What are the risks of trying to transport small amounts
: of MJ (about 3 quarters or 1 ounce) while going with plane? Has
: anyone tried this? I don't think hiding this much will be a real
: danger, but I wanted to get advice from experienced people first.
: As far as I know the dogs only check the luggage, so it should
: be easy to carry this much if one only has to pass through the 
: security. Also do you know how effective the dogs are? Is the scent
: distinguishable when the amount is less then an ounce? Is their a 
: way to conceal the scent?

: Please help. Thanks allot!!

Well, if you're really serious about keeping dogs from smelling it,
You'd better either pack it in a sealed jar, or put in in something
else, like coffee, to hide the odor.  Even so, the dogs are pretty 

I've heard from people who say they have gotten through fine.  The
important part is to make sure you don't fit the police profile:

1) Dress conservatively: no tye-dyes, hippy wear, etc.  A white shirt
and tie would be key.  Tye your hair back, if need be, and shave.

2) DON'T PAY FOR YOUR TICKET IN CASH.  This could make you an
immediate target --oops-- I mean "suspect."

3) Smile a lot.  Happiness is mandatory.  

4) Try to look caucasian, if this is at all possible.  (i.e. no
slicked-back hair or latino dress.)  

5) When you get back from your vacation, write your legislators
so this insanity will end.

They usually don't run random searches, so if you don't
"Look like a drug dealer, you won't be stopped, talked to,
or searched.  Even so, DON'T CARRY LARGE SUMS OF CASH. 

If they do stop you, you could very well be asked to prove
that any money you have is yours.  You may be charged a
processing fee to get your money back.

They may also have the dogs sniff your cash to see if it is
"contaminated with cocaine."  Since 60 - 80 percent of American
currency has detectable levels of cocaine on it, I would
advise you to carry checks, traveler's checks, and credit cards.
Please, before this recurring thread goes too far, state whether you mean
domestic flights or international.  The rules are *very* different.

Case 1:  Domestic flight.  

Your luggage will probably not be sniffed by anybody, especially if you take
Brian's advice about not fitting a profile.  Put the grass in Tupperware and
pack it in a bag you intend to check, so it won't be X-rayed.  If it's a
really small quantity, you can carry it in your pocket.  Just make sure it's
sealed and the outside of the container is clean.

Case 2:  Flight out of the US.

I've never been searched leaving the US.  I've entered England, New Zealand,
Mexico (walking), and Canada (driving).  Those countries all have one thing
in common -- they are less fanatical about the WoSD than we are. I wouldn't
chance it going to Japan or Singapore, though.

Case 3:  Flight into the US.

This is the tough one.  I've been through US Customs returning from most of
the same places.  I've never been *thoroughly* searched, but they have
checked random bags of mine coming from Tijijuana and London (I told them
I'd been in Amsterdam).  I'd say if you're careful and you can act, you
might have a 95% chance of getting through safely, but that 5% isn't worth
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Subject: Smuggling drugs and US Customs
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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 13:01:56 UTC
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Hello Netters,

I'd like to add a slightly different perspective to the recent threads
about taking drugs across borders:

I work in a position that allows me extensive contact with and close
observation of the US Customs service at a major port of entry (airport)
into the US.  In order to enforce our drug laws, Customs seems to use
any methods necessary to detect/confiscate illegal substances (note that
they also cooperate with the US Dept of Agriculture and take food items,
etc.).  This includes drug and food-sniffing dogs to smell EVERY bag and
person on certain flights (those with a supposedly higher risk of
smuggling, I guess) and detention/hand search of some people and bags.

Although I see that the officers do not inspect every last item
completely sometimes (e.g., they do not break things apart generally if
they appear OK on the surface, but padlocks are routinely cut off with
bolt cutters in order to get into boxes), the searches seem quite
thorough enough to prevent any booty getting by them.  Combine that with
the dogs, and I *seriously* doubt that you'll be successful getting
drugs through such secure ports (except probably LSD, which might not be
too hard to get thru because of the no smell/no color properties).

So, I seriously recommend that if you happen to find good bud somewhere,
do *not* even think you'll have a chance of bringing it home to your
best friend at home.  You might get away with it, but from what I've
seen, if you're that anxious to supply Uncle Sam with some Green, you
might as well put it in a nice package with a note and mail it to our

On that note, does anybody think they have a secure method/preferred
drug that's possible to get through?  I've heard about people sealing
loose/rolled Green [or fill in your favorite drug here] into a sterile
mason jar (using the method for pressurizing/sealing jars of tomatoes,
corn, etc.) and being able simply to walk past drug-sniffing dogs
without problem.  I've also heard rumors about pot seeds being easy to
bring in (they can't be sniffed?), but I tend to doubt this one (if so,
that would make one heck of a nice present to bring back from

From what I've seen, it seems nigh impossible to get anything by these
guys (at least from the eyes of an employee who works with, *NOT* for US
Customs).  Does anybody have any feelings about this?  How about mailing
to PO boxes, etc.?

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Subject: Smuggling outta Canada eh?
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I've seen friends mail shrooms in a nicely wrapped package through the
mail to friends...but I don't know if they ever got there or not. I have
also heard similiarly of people wrapping their bud up realll tight and
secure and dropping it in used paint buckets as they drove across the border.
As with cheap bottles of wine and champagne that can be recorked and
recovered. Someone also once told me that they thought inside of a shampoo
bottle...inside all of that pert...its ucky to take out, but if you wrap it
tight enough I guess your gree doesnt come all out nice fresh and fluuffy
with that sick shampoo smell. Christ...on international may
as well forget it..unless you are ballsy enough to carry it on your person..
I heard those dogs that have at airports sometimes, they will go nuts if they
get the slightest wiff of whatever it is.  If you're gonna do something like
that, bring your own handcuffs with you, save the guys some trouble. =)
Whatever you put it in, Its GOTTA be airtight...sometimes that doesnt even
help I guess.

"The seeker of that which is psychedelic."

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Subject: getting drugs through customs
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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1993 06:16:10 UTC
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A guy I used to know took a trip to Amsterdam, and successfully smuggled
a couple of ways: first, he mailed both seeds and hash (a small amount)
in plain old red and blue striped overseas envelopes. Most of the seeds
got crushed, but some came through OK. The hash was crushed before he sent it,
it was only a couple grams, but it got back to his friend in the USi, nice
and tasty from what he tells me! He also wrapped up a bunch of seeds very
tightly and put them in a toothpaste tube, there was no trouble getting
through customs for him, apparently. I haven't seen him for a while, but
I bet he is fat and happy! I saw his plants some 2 months old, they were
the real thing! 
- Duong Ng
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From: Chris Koenigsberg 
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Once, years ago, 1980, the statute of limitations has run out by now, a
friend got 200 hits of windowpane LSD in the U.S.A., then had to cross
the border to Toronto on tour with a rock band, then come back across
the border into the U.S.A. again.

The U.S. border agents took apart everything in the vanful of rock
musicians and junk, opening up all bags, even poking into pairs of
socks. They took out a book and riffled through all the pages, put it
aside on the table, then said they were finished.

They hadn't noticed the bookmark... fortunately.
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>On that note, does anybody think they have a secure method/preferred
>drug that's possible to get through?              

This method will only work with small amounts of stuff, but I'm pretty sure it
would work. Ok, wrap whatever you want in some of that Ziploc(tm) freezer wrap
(use the freezer wrap because it's thicker and harder to smell through). Then
hollow out a bar of your favorite deoderant soap and put the goodies in there.
Seal the bar with some water alone the crack. Now put the soap back in it's
original wrapper and seal it with some elmers glue of something. Then put the
wrapped bar of soap at the bottom of your bag of dirty laundry. Leave some
shit-stained underware on the top. No self-respecting Customs agent is going to
want to root through all of that stuff! Obviously when you go though the Customs
gate, dress neatly (no tye-dyes :-) and just act natural. Don't joke around
though, as I'm sure the Customs agents have "profiles" that they are looking to
match up. BTW in case anyone is wondering, I remebered this method from an old
TAP issue (no, I don't remeber which one). The article was originally called
"Smuggling and Dope"
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Subject: Re: Flying Domestic With Marijuana (Need Info)
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1993 04:44:35 GMT
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In article <> , writes:
>Is there anything one should know about flying on a domestic route with
>a joint or two on him or in his luggage?

Be careful coming back from Hawaii and the like.    Think before you do,
as it is a big deal to get caught smuggling and you WILL go to jail if
you get busted.


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Matthew Emme
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Subject: Re: Flying Domestic With Marijuana (Need Info)
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FOAF puts small amounts in a screw-top medicine bottle (opaque), and carries it
with other medicine and toiletries in carry-on.  Rolling papers or a pipe that
dismantles into unrecognizable pieces are definitely the way to go for "hardware".
Down the pants goes the medicine bottle if FOAF gets paranoid at the security gate.
Of course, this is done in a bathroom stall with a door.

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From: (Len Schmid)
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Subject: Re: Transporting Pot
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 22:18:30 GMT
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Well, this is my personal experience with transporting marijuana on
domestic flights.  I don't recommend this for anyone, and I'm not exactly
wure why it worked for me.

I have a book that I have carved out to store my pipe, cleaner, and bag, a
la Reefer Madness.  I had to take a piss test for my company, and once I
passed I went on a bit of a bender and carried this book with me
*everywhere*.  Well, maybe it was the short term memory loss, but I didn't
think to take it out of my backpack before I went on a business flight.  

I went through four (count 'em, four) X-ray machines with a large metal
pipe, a couple scrapers and a bag, all neatly layed out for the viewing
pleasure of the airport heat.  Not a thing happened!    I didn't
even realize that I had it with me until I got back!

  -- CatVomit (  Len Schmid??)
  "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."  -- H.S.T.

P.S.  Hey, what do you think of this idea:  Put your bag in the outside
pocket of a suit case that you check in.  If they do somehow smell for it
down in the hold, you could just say "It's not mine.  I've never seen that
bag before in my life."  How could they prove it was yours and not a
baggage handlers?
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From: (Christopher Hooten)
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Subject: Re: Transporting Pot
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Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 02:32:32 GMT
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Christopher Kaihatsu ( wrote:
: In article <278m83$>,
: Robert D Dawson  wrote:
: >Is there a safe way to get pot through on a domestic flight?  
: >Specifically, flying out of Florida.  Thanks in advance.

: Yes, I've heard a good method is to slice a bar of soap in half, then hollow
: it out, store bud it, then wet it to seal up the seam. 

: I don't know from first-hand experience, though.

I have read this about a million times in all kinds of different publications.
I have to assume that the police and customs have wised up by now,
so if they saw something lumpy in what appeared to be a bar of soap through
the x-ray machine, I am sure that they would investigate it.  BTW on
a recent trip to Japan I saw a really cool (well, maybe not so cool) computer
set-up that showed a three-dimensional view of the bags being scanned.
I looked briefly at the screen and was quite impressed at how easily
identifiable most of the contents were.  It was considerably more clear
than the x-ray one.  It even computer colored the different contents of the
bags.  What next, house scanners?

-- Chris Hooten