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Subject: A leetle tale of life and Alice
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Date: Thu,  5 Aug 1993 07:26:56 UTC
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The first time I visited Alice

The guy I bought the cap from knew me. I didn't know him. That threw me
a while, but I found out later that he'd gone to school with a friend of
I was in such an adrenaline-excited state that I was hardly able to get
foil wrapper off the damn thing. All the time I was excited, right up to
the small piece of blotter was already firmly lodged under my tongue. It
only then that I freaked and thought, "Oh fuck, what have I *done*?"

This was at a techno rave at an old, abandoned sports venue. To this day,
year later, I still think that the maelstrom of a dance environment is the
smoothest place to come onto a trip. For what seemed like hours, but was

probably about twenty minutes, I waited impatiently for something to
I wandered listlessly around the fringes of the dancefloor. I finally sat
behind one of the huge projection screens that were showing the usual
and VR imagery, getting disillusioned. I'd spent my money on a dud. This
thing was bullshit; nothing was going to happen.

About ten minutes of sitting there despondently later, I noticed that,
I closed my eyes, I could see faint colour patterns in the "centre" of my
vision. I got a bit happier, and closed my eyes tight to concrentrate on

When I opened my eyes, I was about fifty feet away from where I remembered
myself being, and I was wandering around the dancefloor. The pervasive
in my mind was, "Shit - there are *people* here!" It was an utterly
vibe. I found myself virtually gaping at people. It was like I was seeing
of this for the first time. The most profound effect at this time was what
peer group and I call "the consciousness thing". The way your short-term
memory seems to flush every seven seconds or so, so it's impossible to
a conversation, and whenever you move around it's like you're changing
universes with every step. VERY weird.

I danced. The music began to envelop me completely; it became
completely 3-dimensional, to the point where it was like I was the music
itself, like I couldn't distinguish between the music and myself. A friend
mine, sort of a trip veteran, said to me, "Hey man, don't look so fucked
Just wave your arms like this and everything'll be fine!" He was right - I
waved my arms like this and everything was fine.

I danced for a long time, or maybe a short time. No way of knowing.
I wandered outside into the presence of the people I'd come to the rave
They were spying me out curiously. "We're going now. Where's S---?" I
know. We'd shared a hit, each had half of the blotter square. I was put
the car with two other of my friends, who'd drank a little (okay, a lot)
much. Soon S--- joined me. I'd been sitting there for an interminable
of time, giggling at every sound, every motion. S---'s presence made it
worse. Putting it simply, we pissed ourselves laughing.

The ride home was an education. Seven people squashed into a small car,
I, fucked up as I was, had to give directions! Way funny. My sense of
direction and real-world object-recognition was working fine, though. We

I was just coming onto the main part of my trip. Relating to the normal
situation of being in my friend's house was much harder than relating to a
rave situation. The girls who'd gone with us were having a fun time spying
S--- and myself. They found us very entertaining.

I started to get what we call "the infinity effect". The thing where your
vision sort of takes a "snapshot" of something in your field of view and
of texture-maps it onto a tunnel that stretches off into infinity. And
time the consciousness thing happens, you get a new snapshot taken. Very
to look at; very fractal.

I was also getting very pronounced color patterns by now. They were
predominantly in the primary colors - red, green and blue. Sometimes the
little circles of color overlapped to make yellow or purple and other
All of this happened on an off-white background, a white with a purplish
tinge. In amongst the patterns, funky little sub-patterns developed.
spinning swatika-like cross shapes, funny spiralling things and so on. The
overwhelming impression was that the patterns were, well, sort of
in a way. They were all smooth curves and straight lines. The sort of
you'd see on futuristic-based wrapping paper. The patterns responded to
changing in time with speech and music.

My jaw was clenching quite badly. My body had, overall, a muscular
But it was all very abstract; it was like I wasn't really in my body, like
was watching things from some undetermined location about three feet to
rear of and one foot above my head. I had to continually remind myself,
I had a lucid moment (there weren't many that first time), that I was me.
was difficult. If I stared at anything for too long, I started relating to
object on its own level.

S--- and I had a long, circular conversation cum argument, in which we
attempted to discern what the original question had been. We never did
it out, but we surmise it had something to do with the time. We talked,
loudly, for several hours after everyone else had gone to bed.

Trying to get to sleep was weird. I couldn't sleep at all. Well, duh-uh, I
know now that this is normal for LSD, but it was disconcerting
The first time (some other friends have corroborated this) you REALLY want
sleep, but you can't. It can be scary if you don't deal with it properly.

When my friend stopped talking and we turned out the light, snatches of
started looping through my mind. As I'd concentrate on them, they'd loop
shorter and shorter, becoming more and more just a single, fluttering tone
that kind of echoed in a way that I can't really explain. Sort of like a
synth looping a sound with heavy echo, I guess. And accompanying this
sound I had the voices and images of people in my mind, some of which I
and some which I didn't know. They were talking to me and about me, almost
seeming to be verbally abusing me. Berating me for taking acid. The
is a live thing, I've decided.

After the voices stopped abusing me, they started to make weird noises,
the sound a person with asthma would make if he tried to scream
for twenty minutes. This sound was accompanied by images of people with
tongues sticking out in what I assume was the pose one would have to
to make that sort of sound. They began to mutate, change color, and go
purple, yellow, orange etc. Very bright, very pure colors which interacted
with the weird color patterns in front of my eyes. The patterns became the
textures of these warped, inflatable-lawn-chair-like mutations. Weird.

I didn't get any sleep. I came down about ten hours after taking the
The day after, I felt dirty, and everything was in high-definition, high-
resolution, extra-bright color. I felt like I'd scrubbed my mind freshly
with detergent. And I also felt way cool.

Email me with any comments, similar experiences or questions. Please.

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und myself in the middle of
these red bricks which were arranged in a very organized zig-zag
pattern.  I just looked down and all around me and felt like I was
"part" of the bricks.  It was a very interesting feeling.  The bricks
just seemed "alive" and just swarmed all around me.  It was cool.
I think acid is totally different from MJ - its not about getting a
"buzz" or a "high" - its more of a mental state you get that makes you
feel that you can realize new things and see the world from another
angle.  The visuals I had weren't really so much in the way of the eyes
seeing strange things but more of my brain telling me that things were
weird and strange.  I think the best part was when we were running
though a forest of trees with gravel onthe floor and rocks and I looked
down and around.  At that moment I said to my friend, "Whoa.. We're
really trippin now..." because everything seemed so exciting.
I think what they say about acid changing you may be slightly true - but
not in a bad way.  Its been two days since I've tripped and now when I
walk around and look at things, I notice things I never noticed before -
like buildings.  Buildings seem more like works of art and more
interesting.  People also look more interesting - I feel like staring at
every person when I walk around.  I wonder if this feeling of everything
being new, exciting and interesting will last.  It certainly has worn
off a lot since my trip but I still feel it a little.
LSD was definetely a good experience although I would not recommend it
to everyone.  I can see how certain types of people would not know how
to handle it and may freak out.  I am glad that I was able to enjoy it
although I would have liked to see more things (I would have liked to
tripped "harder").  I guess that all depends on the type of acid you
take.  You also have to keep tellings yourself that its a drug that
you're on.  It would be terrible to put acid in someone's food and not
tell them.  The person may get scared when they find themselves in a
different place and when everything seems strange.  I also noticed I've
become more introspective since I tripped - although I've always been
somewhat introspective.  I think on your first trip it's good to be
"doing" something.  You don't want to just sit around.  I felt like
constantly wanting to move around and explore new places to see how
things felt and looked.  I also wanted to talk to people.  Nature seemed
really close and "alive".  There was one time when I was staring at this
tree across and lake and it looked like it was pulsating and breathing
very peacefully.  I said to my friend, "If trees were alive like people,
this is how trees would act."
Acid is cool.  Just make sure you trip with a good friend who is the
same type of person as you.  If you are the adventuresome type, you
should trip with someone who won't hold you back when you want to climb
a tree or something like that.

there it is... anyone else have a foaf who had a good trip and wants to
tell about it?  my foaf seems to feel that he had weak acid.. from what
he explained, does it sound abnormally weak?  should he try 1 1/4 hits
next time or just try to get acid thats stronger from another source?
foaf is planning on trying it again when he moves into his own place so
he can set up cool stuff to trip to.. like paitings, good music.. set up
a nice setting.. any suggestinos for setting stuff up for a good trip
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Subject: Zen Koans + Acid
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 93 20:12:37 NZST
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I'm posting this experience c/o a FOAF who thinks it'll go down well here:

scene: at home with a friend

11:49pm: Dropped half a blotter of Acid
 2:30am: I'm quite high now. The LSD is not very strong. I decided
         to read a koan from "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones".
         I read a koan aloud to my friend:
   A monk asked Seijo: 'I understand that a Buddha who lived before 
   recorded history sat in meditation for ten cycles of existance and 
   could not realize the highest truth, and so could not become fully 
   emancipated. Why was this so?'
   Seijo replied: 'Your question is self-explanatory.'
   The monk asked: 'Since the Buddha was meditating, why could he not 
   fulfill Buddhahood?'
   Seijo said: 'He was not a Buddha.'
         This simple story dialogue had the most profound effect. It was 
         as if my mind expanded beyond the limitations of my body and 
         grasped the entire universe. It is a very hard thing to 
         explain in words  but this effect has been repeated with 
         equal (more) success on subsequent occasions.
The LSD had reached its peak and was quite comfortably (except the 
continual rush) "there". The reading of the koans was the factor that 
shot all of us "over the edge".

Certainly half a tab is not enough to get this effect (multiple 
purchases from same source have not done this).

I'd speculate that the effect of the "mind puzzles" complemented the 
effect of the LSD. Zen Koans are designed to release the student from
his/her ego. LSD also has the same effect.

I now never enter a trip without my book - I've found it to be quite 
useful to "distract" a bad trip. If you can, buy/steal a collection of
koans NOW!

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
Compiled by Paul Reps
Pelican Books

Disclaimer: The usual...