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Subject: Re. Yhuba Gold
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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1993 00:47:12 GMT
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>Keith Solomon ( wrote:
>: Does anyone know anything about Yhuba Gold?  I just got my first issue of
>: High Times, and I found an ad in the back for it.  What I want to know is,
>: what exactly is it, how does it compare to pot, and is $20 an oz. a good
>: price?  At that price, it's much cheaper than the good stuff around here.
>       Don't waste your money.  Yuba gold is made from Datura or Datura
>related plants, so the effects are going to be much different from 
>mj.  A friend in college tried this, and offered some to me (I declined).
>He said it did very little if anything, and threw most of it away.
>-- Chris Hooten
Datura?  I think not.  Your friend would most defintely have noticed an effect
from datura.  Definitely.
The "recipe" I heard years ago for Yhuba Gold is:
    4 parts damiana leaf
    4 parts passionflower herb
    4 parts skullcap herb
   1/2 part lobelia herb
    1 part spearment leaf
You can get most (or all) of these herbs at your local health food store or
natural food sotre for very cheap if you want to experiment with it.  It does
make for a light buzz