Who Should Do LSD???

Is LSD Right For Me???

Are you:

  • Thinking of doing LSD?
  • Doing LSD, but becoming unsatisfied with it?
  • Doing LSD and expanding your consciousness?

    Well, if you answered yes to the last one, than you should send me your success story so I can post it here and everyone can hear how you have helped yourself through the use of LSD.

    If you answered yes to the second one, then you know what's up. You've taken the said drug and you know what the experience is like. But why are you becoming burnt out on it? Do you use it as an escape? The real world is too hectic, so let's take some LSD to get our minds off things. Well, this is exactly what LSD will not do for you. LSD is not an escape drug. It is not for taking all your problems away. LSD is a mind expanding drug, and if anything, it will make your mind "on" things. If you think about something, it will become clear to you. However, if what you are focusing on is unpleasant, it can appear even more unpleasant and begin to consume your mind. LSD does not automatically make everything fun. LSD makes everything ...more worthy of your attention. (Now, everyone's perception of LSD is different, so if you don't agree with this, please email me with your perception of the drug, so that I can post it here, that way I don't appear partial to my own opinions. I only have my own experiences to draw from, so it's kinda hard not to.) It personifies everything into a "more real" state. And things affect you more. If you are unsatisfied with yourself in anyway, this can manifest itself while under the influence of the drug and cause you to have a "bad trip." You may need to have someone around to reassure you that it is simply the drug bringing these things to your attention. In my personal opinion, it is these people whom the drug will benefit most, under the right circumstances and with the right people to guide him/her through the experience. These dissatisfactions with the person can be cleared up during the trip, or before or after, but certainly the state of mind induced by LSD is conducive to solving problems. My advice to those who answered yes to number two, is not do to LSD too often. Why do it everyday, or every week and have it bring about no significant changes in your everyday consciousness? Take it less often, and the experience will be more fulfilling, as long as you go into it with the knowledge that your state of mind is the key to what your experience will be like. The drug does not take over your mind, your mind takes over the drug. In this, sort of experience you are your own worst enemy. If you start thinking that you're not enjoying it, you won't enjoy it. That thought will take over the experience and shape it accordingly. Just relax, have fun, and use LSD and all other drugs safely.

    If you answered yes to the first one, then my advice is to DO IT! You'll never know unless you try it. It would be a good idea to research the physical effects of the drug first. You don't want to put something in your body if you don't know what it does to you. From my own experience, I feel that the experience of using LSD cannot be explained in words. It is a mind expanding experience and with practice you can learn to use your mind for amazing things. Experiment, and make sure you are with people who you are not only comfortable with, but that, preferrably, you know well. Also, the place you are at while under the influence of LSD can affect your trip. The vibes and the mood of the atmosphere can imprint themselves on you and cause you to be in that mood, so make sure you are somewhere familiar, so your mindset will be familiar. If you have any other specific questions please write me. I'm probably not THE most experienced person in the field, but I have a fair amount of experience, not only with myself, but with friends bad trippers and good trippers, alike. I have lots of stories and tips. Feel free to email me anytime.

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