The nature of the universe is change.  Without exception,
nothing remains as it presently is forever.  Therefore,
nothing should be taken for granted as permanent be it
within or without yourself.  In order to achieve universal
“happiness” we should embrace and cherish change.  Time is
our worst enemy only when we believe that it can be
bargained with, reckoned with or stopped.  When we realize
that it is time and change which gave us the chance to live
and breathe today, we should not condemn or be frightened of
it knowing that it will one day take the very thing it gave
us away.  Anything we achieve, earn, or stumble upon, and
that we believe is “ours”, “mine”, or consider as anything
permanent and under our control will once day, be it soon or
very distant, be taken away or lost.  This is the nature of
the universe.  Understanding this is the key to freeing your
true self.
	Those of eastern religions put it this way.  Even if
you are to resist change in the most passive, non-changing
manner, still, it will effect you.  Even if you put yourself
in one place and vow never to move, never to change, within
a few moments you may be uncomfortable, a few hours after
not moving, you may have muscle cramps.  After a few years,
you will become crippled, and eventually, sitting in that
one spot, your body will decay and die.  Even the earth you
sat on, or the chair you rested in, will decay and change,
according to weather that time has brought.  Call it God,
call it Eternity, call it Time, it will effect you, for the
worse or for the better.  So long as Time continues, nothing
can stay the same for very long.
	At first this seems an undesirable thing to realize. 
It seems to be saying: “nothing is mine, so I should strive
to attain nothing.”  Ultimately, that is what it is saying. 
But mostly it is to bring about the recognition that none of
these temporary things which we call permanent (a sad
mis-labeling) can bring about the happiness we seek in them
because the happiness a common human pursues includes
permanence.  Why should it not?  “I desire a big house, a
beautiful wife and two wonderful children...for exactly 10
years and no longer,” is not a goal someone sets very often. 
When someone is in a situation that satisfies them
completely, they do not want it to end, and aren’t most
people looking for a permanent satisfying situation?  Well,
after realizing the nature of reality, you will soon
recognize that none such situation exists.  Pessimism?  I
call it realism.
	How are we ever to pursue anything we desire after
honestly realizing this?  It all seems such a waste of time
in light of the nature of reality.  Well, it is the only
useful thing to do with your time so long as you practice
perfect non-attachment.  Do not resist when something is
taken from you - it was inevitable.  Do not lament when a
beautiful situation has dissolved.  Cherish these things in
their existence and non-existence, in their present, past
and future.  Change is what must take your perfection away,
so you may feel the need to deny or ignore it.  However,
change is also the only engine that can produce your

take it a step further you're treading in deep water now